Myharu (myharu) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

JKT48's Nozawa Rena to hold concurrent position in AKB48


On June 18, it was announced that JKT48 member Nozawa Rena (15) would be holding a concurrent position in AKB48.

This surprise announcement was made during the group's performance at JKT48 Theater. She is the first member from any overseas sister group to become a member of AKB48.

Nozawa, who has Japanese parents and a Japanese citizenship, currently resides in Jakarta due to her father's work. She passed JKT48's first generation auditions in November of 2011 as the only Japanese member of the group. She has been an active member of Team J alongside Takajo Aki (21) and Nakagawa Haruka (21) who transferred from AKB48 last November.

Although Nozawa will be returning to Japan, she will belong to both AKB48 and JKT48 Team J. No details on her upcoming activities have been revealed at this time.


It's pretty obvious why she was chosen for a concurrent position lol, but I wish her the best of luck~
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