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NMB48 is now climbing the chart! 7th single sells over 420,000 copies on the first day

Idol group NMB48's 7th single "Bokura no Yuriika" (released on June 19) sold 421,000 copies on the first day, easily topping Oricon's daily single ranking.

The members received the report while they were holding a live at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, and they shared the joyous news with the fans.

When NMB48's theater manager Kaneko Takeshi appeared on stage, and announced that the group topped the daily chart, the whole venue reached a peak of excitement.

As the first day sales already exceeded their previous best weekly sales of 376,000 copies from their 4th single "Nagiichi", member Ichikawa Miori who holds a concurrent position in AKB48, and joined the group with this single, started shedding tears of joy. It also brought "Miorin" calls from the fans.

Team N captain Yamamoto Sayaka expressed her gratitude, "We who were created in Osaka where was called as 'barren land for idols', would have never been able to come this far without your support. Let me say this again. Thank you very much."

soon there will be a 48 family war

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