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Kazoku Game finale gets 16.7% in the ratings game

* Started out at 12.0%.
* Peak before the finale was episode 2 at 13.7%.
* Average for 10 episodes was 13%.

That's unexpectedly high

It was actually pretty interesting.
But that AKB girl is in the "gori-oshi (overhyped, bulldozed into the spotlight) slot", since that character wasn't in the original, right?

Wednesday [22] Kazoku Game ratings: 12.0__13.7__11.1__12.2__12.4__12.9__13.6__12.6__12.4__16.7(Finale)________Ave: 12.96

This was the best drama this season (April~June)

There's no doubt that they'll be having a season 2 of this one

They didn't have to mess things up like that. I get embarrassed whenever I see something like "Unko" (shit, poop) written

The lead Sakurai had almost no scenes in the finale. It was all about how the eldest son Kamiki tried to revive the family. Kamiki's acting was superb. Kamiki was the star of the finale.
So that means that the ratings of the finale aren't because of Sakurai.
The ratings that Sakurai brought forth is the one from the first episode, which got 12%.

This is true with every drama, but what's the logic behind the finale always having the highest ratings?
I don't see the point in watching the finale without even paying attention to what's been happening up to that point.

The episode before finales are usually the best ones

Sakurai's acting was bad.
Well, the drama itself was pretty messed up...
But NTV's dramas were also a mess.

This series, along with Nagabuchi's version, was criticized by 2channel before they even went on air.
As soon as it started airing, both of these versions were suddenly rated highly.

2channel didn't exist during Nagabuchi's version. All discussions about dramas at that time were made on the Nifty Serve Drama SIG through PC transmission. Nagabuchi's version was rated highly back then.

The finale was damn boring. If it ended on the 8th episode, it would probably have been talked about for a long time and treated as a cult classic .

I think they lost about 3~5% in the ratings just because it was shown on FujiTV

There have been a lot of dramas recently which lost steam right before it reached the finale. This was a classic up to the point right before the finale started. The recent provincial drama that had Toma as the lead also went to waste.

The most interesting part was the destruction. But I think they had difficulty picking up the pieces once the story expanded too much towards the end. And it was good that the twist played a huge part at the end. This is a victory for the scriptwriters. But I never really understood the part in the movie version where Yuki Saori was plucking her nose hair. In the TV version, the part where the good brother was imitating an airplane was nice.

It was actually pretty good.
I didn't have any expectations at first because of the lame cast, but this turned out to be a well-made drama.

I haven't seen the finale yet.
I watched Nagabuchi's version at the same time, but I found that dull. The story is much more elaborate and interesting in the drama.

And this has no relation to it, but the cast members at that time called Nagabuchi-kun a genius. His acting was really amazing. After that, I also watched Tombo.

I hope Johnny's talents apart from Nagase will stop appearing in dramas.
Sakurai was like trash in this one.

Nah, Sakurai fit the part this time. He was good.

I also think that Sakurai fit the role. Let's not talk if he was good or bad, but I think Sakurai's deviousness showed well in this one.

Wow, the numbers are pretty good.
I felt that the story just progressed too fast, but I was moved by the interactions between Sakurai and Kamiki towards the end.
But I can't keep my mind of that last "iine~"

I would have wanted to see either one of the Matsuda brothers play the part

I wanted to see how Tatsuya Fujiwara would have played it

I don't hate Sakurai, but I don't think he fit the role

I think the first episode's rating of 12% was due to some viewers avoiding it because they didn't think that Sakurai fit the role.
Too bad since the supporting kid was really good.

Sakurai is good except for his face and his voice

Was Yusaku Matsuda really that good?
I think he fit Director Morita's fantasy concept, but he didn't look like a home tutor.
I also can't say because I didn't find the movie to be good.
I think they picked Sakurai here because he ranked # 1 as the talent you want to be your home tutor.

I didn't watch it, but was there a scene at the dinner table towards the end?

The part where the family surrounded the dinner table? It appeared in the middle.

I thought Sakurai was good. He suits those crazy roles better than those goody-goody types. I heard he even disses Jani-wotas. It could be similar to how he is in real life.

A Johnny's talent who suits a maniacal role...
I imagined Inagaki, but he's a bit old now already.

It didn't just seem like that they modernized Kazoku Game; it felt like they completely changed the genre of this one, and I could have even accused this of just using the old title. It really makes me mad when people who only watched this version go on and watch the old ones and say, "It's different from what I expected", and imply that the old ones were boring. They should have made the title of this one different.

I watched 3 versions -- the movie, the 80s version, and this one -- and each had a different perception.
I didn't know what was so good about the movie. It lacked a climax, or something.
In the TBS version, the fall of the honor-student brother left an impression, while the home tutor was funny but was a spartan.
For this Fuji version, the younger brother's bullying and the father's fall left impressions on me.
Sakurai's voice and diction were also good, which gave him this mysteriously eerie feel to him.
The best though were Itao and Honami Suzuki. They embodied the modern aspect well and made the viewers feel how dark the story was.
The children were better in the TBS version though.
Shigeyuki was too young in the Fuji version. I also don't know why Shinichi broke to that extent.

Shigeyuki was chosen from 200 auditionees, you know

I'm grateful to this drama for giving life to my otherwise dull Wednesday nights.

Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/06/kazoku-game-finale-gets-167-in-ratings.html
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