Myharu (myharu) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

The Real Reason Nintendo Will Never Make A Pokemon MMO

We want it. We have to have it. Our desire for it burns like the heat of a thousand suns, but what would happen if Nintendo did make a Pokemon MMO? Gaming humor site Dorkly may be on to something here. I doubt even Valve's Gabe Newell could save us.

For more sick and twisted video game comedy, follow the link to


lol so true. and since some ppl are complaining about how useless this post is, let's use it to discuss how possible a pkmn mmo is or if an official one was to be made how popular you think this would be. let's discuss~

also, thanks to Cruel_idol for posting the link to the unofficial mmo
Tags: anime/animation, video games

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