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First half of 2013 Total Sales Ranking

Oricon Half Year Ranking 2013 report published.

Earning rankings (single + album + music DVD + music BD):
#1 - Arashi (10.95 billion yen, 3.022mil sales) - 2 DVDs, 2 singles
#2 - AKB48 (6.86 billion yen, 3.582mil sales)
#3 - Momoiro Clover Z (3.92 billion yen, 868k sales)
#4 - Kis-My-Ft2 (2.61 billion yen, 1.129mil sales)
#5 - Kanjani∞ (2.55 billion yen, 665k sales)

With 0 singles released (though lots of previous years singles still sold quite a bit and charted)  and mainly rely on albums / DVD / BD, Momoiro Clover Z has the best earning : sales ratio.
Originally posted by Shinnosuke at Jpopcentral
AKB48 singles slayed but did they released any DVDs this year? Congrats to my boys but hope they'll have concerts in BD soon.
Tags: akb48, arashi, kanjani8, kis-my-ft2, momoiro clover, oricon

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