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Okinawa to hold Japan’s first Pink Dot LGBT pride festival

Drawing inspiration from Singapore, Japan will also hold a Pink Dot LGBT festival in Okinawa next month. The event aims to promote having ‘a society in which sexual minorities’ living is easy.’ Supporters of the LGBT movement will be gathering at the Tenbusu Square in Naha City.

The Pink Dot Okinawa will be a series of events on July 14 featuring the gathering of LGBT supporters, the formation of a circle of pink, and even parties. Organizers are hoping for “a great number of LGBT & Allies participants from all over Japan and nearby foreign countries to visit Okinawa and gather for Pink Dot Okinawa.” The southern Japanese island is not only known for its tourist attractions, but also for its “mixed atmosphere with Japan and other Asian areas.”

Japan’s first ever Pink Dot LGBT festival is scheduled to start at 1PM. Participants of the circle of pink will be gathering together at 4:30 PM. One of the event’s after parties is the Luv-Dancin xFabulous party, which will be exclusive for women and will be held at the Inifiti Club from 6:00 PM until 1:00 AM the following morning. The other after party is called “Pink Dot OK for Love”, but no further details have been given yet.

Even on the day before the main event, Okinawa will also witness some parties like Manqueee Beach party. Gachimuchi Disco OK party at the Club CLUTCH will succeed the beach party and will be exclusive for men. Pink Dot LGBT festival also has a mascot named Pinkumaaru. Like its name, Pinkmaaru is expected to be pink, a colour said to symbolize love and peace.

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I'm so glad that more events are popping up.
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