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Kamenashi Kazuya to star in new drama "Tokyo Bandwagon"

Kamenashi will be starring in the upcoming drama "Tokyo Bandwagon" (tentative title), which will air every Saturday at 21:00 JST on NTV starting October 2013.

The drama is a family drama, and Kamenashi will be playing Hotta Ao, the main character. The storyline - based on the novels by Shoji Yukiya - will revolve around the Hotta family who runs a second-hand bookstore in Tokyo, as they are involved in a series of peculiar incidents.

Hotta Ao is a 26-year-old freelance (?) travel tour guide. The gap between his apparently superficial speech and conduct and the sorrowful expressions he accidentally shows makes him a playboy helplessly loved by women, but when he meets the University student Makino Suzumi, he wholeheartedly falls in love.

Choosing Kame

Producer Ikeda said the reason behind choosing Kame is because in his other dramas, like Youkai Ningen Bem or Nobuta wo Produce, he had cool and lonely characters. But beside acting, if he has to choose he'd say that Kame's a person with a strong duty and human feelings, a "hot" person (opposed to "cold"). He wanted to place a character with a "hot" personality in a big family like Hotta's.

Kame on "Tokyo Bandwagon"

Kame's Comment: "I want to build a family and human relations (in this drama) that can make everyone think "family is good". I'm really looking forward to meet a new family via Tokyo Bandwagon too."

Drama Screenwriter: Oomori Mika (My Boss My Hero, Buzzer Beat)
Producer: Ikeda Kenshi (Quiz Show, Kaibutsu-kun)

source : KAT-TUNworldwide, youtube

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