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The top 10 things foreign women hate about Japanese men

This one’s going to start some heated debates! Japanese entertainment news site, Bucchi News, asked 50 women who are currently studying abroad in Japan to reveal what they think are shortcomings of Japanese men. No time for chit chat, let’s take a look at the juicy results!

10 – Too many weird hobbies
These women aren’t talking about slightly different hobbies like robot building or training homing pigeons. These women are creeped out by guys obsessed with idols. The ones who stand in line for hours just to shake hands with a member of idol group, AKB48, or get angry when their favorite idol goes out on a date with another guy. It’s just not the idol-obsessed men either. According to these ladies, you’d be surprised at how many weird dudes with Lolita complexes there are in Japan.

9 – Have a small appetite
A 21-year-old Chinese student had this to say: “Japanese men don’t eat at all. Even when we’re at a restaurant, they just order the cheapest item and don’t order alcohol. They also don’t eat all of their food a lot of the times, so even if we go out to eat together, it’s not enjoyable.”

8 – Acting like they are better than women
Most women don’t like to be talked down to, including the ones who took this survey.

7 – Have a gloomy personality
Coming in at number 7, many foreign women complained that Japanese men are all doom and gloom. No one likes a downer.

6 – Talk quietly
A common complaint among women in any nation is that their man doesn’t listen, but this is quite the opposite. Many foreign women said their Japanese man talks too softly, so even if he was listening, you’d never hear his response.

5 – Greetings are too reserved
A 22-year-old American student commented, “Japanese men are really shy. Most of them won’t look at my eyes when we’re talking.” Aside from zero eye-contact, Japanese men were said to not greet women properly (according to the survey takers).

4 – Stingy
A 19-year-old Korean student commented on the stinginess of the Japanese men she has dated: “The thing I was most surprised about was the time a Japanese guy asked me out to eat, but insisted that we split the bill. In Korea, it’s usually the guy who pays. Another time, the guy I was with said that we had to split the bill for a love hotel; I was so shocked that I walked out and went home.”

3 – Uninterested in sex
Many of you have probably heard about “herbivore men,” a term that refers to men in Japan who are uninterested in sex or finding a girlfriend. A 22-year-old American student who took the Bucchi News survey has a new nickname for them: hyenas. The term refers to Japanese men who get so caught up in anime that they eventually fall in love with cute anime girls for real. They aren’t interested in living women, only 2-D women who aren’t really alive. These men are like hyenas, only preying on dead things (anime characters).

2 – Too thin
When it comes to their man, many foreign women don’t like someone who’s too thin. It’s especially a turnoff for a lot of women when a potential Japanese boyfriend is skinner than they are.

1 – Everyone’s hairstyle and clothing are the same
A boyfriend who looks like everyone else is a bore for many of the women who took this survey. It seems that most foreign women in Japan want a Japanese boyfriend who is unique and has his own style.

Source: Bucchi News
Image: Bucchi News


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