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Hideo Nakata remaking South Korean film “Haunters”, Tatsuya Fujiwara and Takayuki Yamada to star

Tatsuya Fujiwara and Takayuki Yamada are set to co-star for the first time in MONSTER (tentative title), a remake of Min-suk Kim’s 2010 South Korean blockbuster Haunters. Hideo Nakata (Ring, The Complex) will direct.

The original film was a massive hit in South Korea during its initial theatrical run, going on to sell over 2 million tickets.

The story involves a psychic criminal (Fujiwara) with the ability to manipulate people’s minds and his obsession with confronting the one man who’s immune to his ability (Yamada).

The original version was released in Japan in spring 2012 and producer Takahiro Sato, who previously worked on the Death Note series, immediately set out to secure the remake rights. There had already been several remake inquiries from Hollywood and Europe, but the enthusiasm and preparedness of the Japanese staff ensured Japan would get the first crack at it.

The remake’s screenplay, which was written by Yusuke Watanabe, will reportedly diverge from the original, culminating with a shocking ending unique to the Japanese version.

Filming of MONSTER will begin in July with a Japanese release planned for 2014.

source: nipponcinema

so we will see FujiTatsu on 3 movies next year.
How come we don't have tag for Fujiwara Tatsuya & Yamada Takayuki??
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