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American Version of Hana Yori Dango scheduled to air late 2013!?!?!

Wazego Collective wants to produce an American Version of Boys over Flowers, the international hit series. To Air in Late 2013 on Roku.

But is in need of Funds~

Hana Yori Dango (花より男子 Lit: Boys over Flowers?) is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Yoko Kamio. The story is a modern tale of Cinderella. The story follows Makino, a girl from a middle class family, as she enters an elite college for rich kids. There she encounters the leaders of the school, the F4. These four guys have it all, looks, money, power, and they use it to control everyone and everything around them. When Makino stands up to them, she gets the dreaded Red Tag, which tells everyone that the F4 has made that person a human target. The remaining series follows Makino and the F4 as they fight, become friends and face difficulties. The main story is how Makino and the leader of F4 fall in love. The series is a gripping, funny and unique romantic comedy series that shows that girls can't be pushed around, delivers and positive message, and needs to be shared with the American audience.

The series has worldwide success and we want to bring that to a wider audience in America. We are fans so we promise to do it properly without the common Hollywood thread of changing everything about a series to suite Hollywood instead of the current fan base.

Your funds will go to casting actors, paying for permits, paying locations, and editing the series to perfection before being streamed for your viewing pleasure.

We have a crew and the promise of investment funds if we can raise $250,00 in outside capital. We have a script, casting dates, 50% of locations and we are ready to rock and roll. Our entire crew is excited about this series and can't wait to watch it ourselves.

We hope that you give us your faith and support as we take on the wonderful taste of introducing American Society to the wonderful world of Dramas and Manga.

Hopefully we will produce the first of many to come.

Marketing: With every production getting the news that the product is out there is the hardest challenge. For the Boys Over Flowers production, this is the easiest since this Manga has been turned into a TV series that has aired with top ratings in over 23 countries. The Manga itself has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. The series has a built in fan base. Therefore getting the news out and marketing the series won't be a problem.

Budget: We intend to raise the minimum amount needed to get the series finished through crowd funding. In addition, we are seeking investment capital, advertising funds, and sponsorship funds to make the series even better. With the minimum budget we will still be able to make a great series, but with all things, bigger budget means adding in all the special extras that make the series go the extra mile.

Casting: We will not be casting any big name stars in this series. Fans of the Boys Over Flowers series know that the content of this series is enough the launch the career of anyone who is lucky enough to get cast in it. Casting bigger names takes up more of our budget than we are prepared to spend. We would rather cast amazing actors who may or may not be known, that fit the roles and can play the characters to perfection than to pay a large amount of money for someone's name. We will be holding open call auditions in 4 cities around the country to make sure that we found the absolute perfect actor.

Distribution: Most american fans of Manga are forced to watch their programs online. We are used to it and it works. Netflix, Dramafever, Hulu, Dramafan, etc, we watch them all, therefore why mess with a system that works. Our show will be live streamed at a set time on Wednesday and Thursday nights through our Roku channel. Then it will be available on other popular drama channels with sub titles within 24 hours.

In Conclusion, we have a solid marketing plan, the ability and drive to generate partnerships, press and social media buzz plus a kick butt plan to ensure that the right people are cast for the right roles.

source: KickStarter

This project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Monday Jul 15

with 11days to go i don't think it'll make it...but actually i'm curious how it'll turn out if it actually happened XD

Tags: drama, international media, manga

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