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Same-sex “kiss friends” now trending in Japanese high schools

Teenage experimentation. While many get hot under the collar about it, it’s pretty standard. I mean, no one’s born knowing this stuff, so most need to figure it out at some stage. From warm apple pie to webcams to same-sex “kiss friends”… wait, same sex “kiss friends”??

A sudden fad for something called ‘same-sex “kiss friends”‘ has been raising a few, er, eyebrows at Japanese high schools and online this week. Girls kissing girls I understand, because us girls we are so magical, hard to resist and kissable. Who wouldn’t want a taste of that cherry chapstick? But the idea of boys kissing boys seems more difficult for netizens to swallow, at least on a public forum. Is it the awkward bum fluff moustaches, the smell of bodies before the discovery of deodorant, or other reasons?

The blurb pictured delves into more explicit detail on this teen girl-on-girl and high-school boy-on-boy phenomenon.

“When we meet in the hallway we smooch!”

Miss M. H. (in her second year of high school) admits, “I have several kiss friends. The pace depends on the person (laughs). It’s a common way to say hi.”

“My icon is a kiss!”

Mr K. S. (first year) explains that “At school we’re forbidden to get too friendly with girls, so we do it with each other instead. Guys feel nice and soft enough, it’s like ‘oooh, yeah’.”

Opinions on this ranged from disgusted disapproval to panting interest:

“Yuck yuck yuck yuck!!!! LOL. Guys kissing, noooo!!”

“The thought of seeing guys kissing or doing it myself is vom-inducing.”

Others were reconciled to it only if the boys were good-looking. Or if it was two girls.

“Two guys kissing is not a pretty picture—it’s foul. But I don’t mind if it’s girls. Get into it girls!”

“A guy I knew told me this was going on at high school. I wonder how he’s doing… meh, whatever.”

“I’ve tried it with another girl… but I’d never do it again.”

“But isn’t it only natural for guys to kiss too?”

“Kisses between guys are not soft at all (by a devil who’ll kiss when drunk)”

“Would male kiss friends leave it at just a kiss? Doubt it.”

Honestly, I’m surprised at the number of people who say the idea of two guys making out makes them want to hurl. Methinks those people doth protest too much.

Besides, Japan is well-renowned for yaoi (“Boys Love“), a flourishing genre of man-on-man fiction for the reading or viewing pleasure of women. I still remember my heart skipping a beat when I saw two famous male pop stars plant a big smacker on each other in the middle of their concert at the Tokyo Dome. And the all-female crowd went crazy.

Seems unfair that girls gone wild are salivated over, while boys doing the same cop all the flak. What’s wrong with a little mano e mano, I mean hombre a hombre? Way to rebel and spread the love!

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