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Japanese netizens react to Tegoshi and SKE48's Kito Momona's scandal

SKE48's "Gravure Queen" Momona Kito was Tegoshi's 'deep kiss' partner? - Weekly Bunshun

Full article here

2 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2013/07/09(火) 23:42:03.18 ID:SqY7nZC00
The day after the "kiss"
2013-05-25 - SKE48 Momona Kito cancels all handshake events
2013-05-26 - From Momona Kito:
Good morning. I apologize that I suddenly wasn't able to join the handshake event yesterday (´・ω・`) I have recovered so I will be able to participate in the events today!! I'm sorry for causing everyone trouble and making you worry.

The stripes of her blouse and the pink cardigan totally match the picture from before.

12: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:29:43.79 ID:uoVxZ6uz0
Wow Tegoshi, he must have devoured everything and everyone in his sight already

16: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:29:57.59 ID:GfzzYUzQ0
Wasted <<< Completely OUT
This is on a level that should even make SKE disband

20: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:30:21.20 ID:cabwXr2qO
It's already Kito's 2nd yellow card. The kiss is bad enough, but what's wrong here is the underage drinking

25: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:30:44.47 ID:dAwJfPRm0
I don't know who Kito is so I don't really know how to react

29: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:31:07.28 ID:qvu6f+960
For real? Just how many women has he devoured? So he was able to satisfy himself with her tits...

32: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:31:10.90 ID:OGgcALqD0
Is she underaged?
Drinking ain't gonna do her any good.
She might get dismissed.

34: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:31:26.47 ID:Ftbks4By0
FRIDAY didn't reveal the name to hide the minor who was drinking.
Bunshun didn't give a damn and revealed the name.

42: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:32:06.54 ID:9xVN+fZqO
Tegoshi has pretty low standards, huh LOL
Go for bigger prey!

45: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:32:41.08 ID:F7y6apW10
I wonder if the Jani-wotas are ok

49: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:33:03.38 ID:V4mLC1nFP
These weekly tabloids have their targets set on these people for a long time already so they've probably had this information for a while now. I always hoped that SKE didn't have any tabloid scandals attached to their names, but they seem to have been transforming into AKB recently, what with the brown hair and stuff.

55: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:33:21.05 ID:tRhyUxo60
She might get dismissed.

75: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:34:28.82 ID:lsrBfcLy0
Underage drinking isn't good.
I don't know what the contents of the article is, but if something like that wasn't indicated, then Johnny's and AKS can let this through, but Kito will probably get the boot.

82: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:34:47.83 ID:DWRBCRvR0
Tegoshi, there are better women...
Kojima-san would have been better.

88: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:35:08.14 ID:EuMjzeQ40
Reference pictures of Momona Kito

Weekly Playboy swimsuit pictures

98: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:36:07.50 ID:8UigxOAu0
Kimo-wotas use a lot of money so the idols become popular

Johnny's just ends up fondling their tits

Just stop being wotas already wwwwwwwwwww
It's a waste of time and money wwwwwwwwwww

103: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:36:20.70 ID:4/LuOg/z0
I wonder if they have a mediator for this

106: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:36:30.48 ID:Jg5b5unG0
We might be able to ignore the romance factor, but you can't ignore the alcohol factor here.
It'll all depend on the pictures though.

108: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:36:43.81 ID:DWRBCRvR0
She should get the axe with this scandal.
If they don't do that, people would think that the AKB group is too loose.
But this kind of penalty will be unfair when compared to Sashihara's and Minegishi's cases.

109: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:36:44.42 ID:OGgcALqD0
Tegoshi's also in trouble for making a minor drink alcohol

119: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:37:11.93 ID:dnqM8r7gO
Tegoshi-kun, how many are you going for... Give me some of that..

122: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:37:29.80 ID:Ftbks4By0
I hope Tegoshi goes for the record "100 girls conquered" from the 48 groups

132: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:38:03.10 ID:ROgAE0QqO
Kissing is still safe, but drinking for minors is prohibited. That's an out. Goodbye.

151: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:39:49.01 ID:h8iVxHRL0
Tegoshi should be banned from having projects together with the AKB group.

153: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:39:52.90 ID:+fcfDfhj0
So Tegoshi's just fine with anyone? LOL

164: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:40:45.86 ID:EqzywW8I0
Just let Tegoshi join the AKB group already

170: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:41:16.10 ID:V4mLC1nFP
If Tegoshi's textmates with some of Momona's friends, then that'd spell trouble

174: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:41:41.36 ID:jEczkwGh0
(ItteQ) Go all the way to JKT

181: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:42:08.22 ID:j1C8v7LI0
Even a small fry like her gets to do it with Johnny's, huh?
That's the best.
Her juniors should also do their best.

185: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:42:15.96 ID:wtEoBB8AP
This is apparently the culprit

Ayaka Murakami

* Who are you close with in SKE?
Mai Imade
Momona Kito, Makiko Saito
Riho Abiru
These are the people I talk with a lot.

    197: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:42:58.49 ID:OGgcALqD0
    This girl is also no good, right?

189: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:42:26.06 ID:ROgAE0QqO
What's up with Tegoshi? He's like a sex monster.

193: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:42:42.47 ID:pqn5WKmUO
Even Johnny's would fire a minor who drinks and smokes, right?

203: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/07/09(火) 18:43:07.05 ID:iocnNtx6O
She'll probably graduate now because of this.
She probably won't have any regrets since she's been linked with Tegoshi.

211: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:44:05.64 ID:DarNNvY30
Tegoshi really is a man-whore

230: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:45:03.68 ID:CNSw+b7h0
Didn't NEWS have a member who was cut because of underage drinking?

236: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:45:26.69 ID:bsfUq2zz0
Kito will probably be fired while Tegoshi will have no punishment LOL
This will keep going on and on if there won't be any sort of punishment.

243: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:45:44.87 ID:H33+juiY0
Seems like Tegoshi is planning on taking on the entire AKB group LOL.

268: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:47:54.30 ID:mutHefUKO
This would normally lead to dismissal but I'm not so sure about that anymore thanks to Sashihara's and the baldie's cases.

    273: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:48:12.61 ID:7SZNwQgD0
    Hint: Drinking alcohol

282: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:48:44.33 ID:5f8C98Uk0
This one, huh

285: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:49:13.44 ID:aL3EJJYLT
That's amazing, Tegoshi

295: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:49:47.45 ID:h3jXJsr90
Won't Tegoshi get the boot too?
It wouldn't be fun if he doesn't LOL

309: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:50:51.03 ID:ttwd9V+90
Hey Bunshun, it's been a while.
We were pretty bored.

311: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:50:51.88 ID:0r5hEPWD0
Tegoshi's connections with AKB

* Haruna Kojima's twitter incident revealing Tegoshi
* Goukon party with Aki Takajo and Rie Kitahara
* "Wasted" kiss with Momona Kito (underage drinking)
Just how much does he love the AKB group wwwwww

    340: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:52:37.78 ID:9o46mifW0
    But the rank of the women is degrading LOL

319: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:51:36.99 ID:CBA4OHwWP
Tegoshi seems to be able to have relationships with anyone, be it a man or a woman.
From big-named musicians to Japanese national football team members.

324: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:52:03.78 ID:zGpDPBGN0
I think there will be an influx of girls who will now be trying out for the AKB groups since they'll be able to kiss Johnny's members.

344: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:53:12.46 ID:GsQJP8CH0
Tegoshi seems to have gotten the reputation of being the second coming of Morohoshi within Johnny's. Onyanko, AKB all of them showing their panties off to these Johnny's members... they should all disappear.

355: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:53:46.20 ID:VByd45rI0
Underage drinking is against the law. This is a first time case for them. If there's evidence, she'll get the axe in one blow.

378: ぱるる党 ◆D7c.SDwv2Q 2013/07/09(火) 18:55:15.80 ID:cc1Oh+XuP
Tegoshi seems like a cluster of fishiness... The way he speaks and his choice of words...

397: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:57:24.05 ID:lzL60CCd0
Looks like the otas are not too surprised about this

    404: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:58:01.12 ID:K2GXglFgP
    Right, there aren't that many : "No way, that ______!?" reactions

399: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 18:57:37.77 ID:brvnknI50
Tegoshi and Ninomiya seem to have their brains in their head down below

436: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 19:00:14.17 ID:IGSRm5ZjT
KojiHaru > KitaRie > SKE small fry
He's going down in a consistent manner.

450: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 19:01:28.90 ID:9L2GvotmO
Tegoshi sure has devoured a lot. How many now?
Are the members who had rumors with him alright?

464: 名無しさん@実況は禁止です 2013/07/09(火) 19:02:54.66 ID:SERH+tCQ0
Go and make a "Tegoshi sisters" group in the AKB Group already

394 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2013/07/10(水) 07:06:40.72 ID:HCn6nEU50

The face isn't shown, but the left hand ring finger perfectly matches, I cried

408 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2013/07/10(水) 07:20:18.05 ID:1Ynpka/oP
Summary of reports

KojiHaru's tweet about Tegoshi

Tegoshi flirted with Kitahara and Takajo in Roppongi Pasela. A Tegoshi-wota who was a staff at the shop testified to this.
Tegoshi then took home a porn actress with him on that day.

After that is the Goukon party of Kashiwagi, Minegishi, the porn actress and the J-Leaguers.

The restaurant in Bunshun's article is the usual Kanto Rengou-related bar that the AKB group frequents.
Kito cancels her handshake event the day after.

Based on this, it seems that Kitahara is the connection between her and Tegoshi. This is her 3rd scandal (demoted once)

Kito's past scandals:
Riho Abiru who was seen dating a Kansai jr. was seen with Arashi lyrics on her desktop. She notices this and deletes.

Twitter: Kito, Abiru and Iguchi of SKE48 hanging out with Kansai Jr.

Momona Kito's kiss picture with her ex-boyfriend

Momona Kito's scandalous photos revealed!

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