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Sake-Bomb is slated for US theatrical release

Pictures Dept. Co. Ltd. and First Pond Entertainment are partnering to handle US distribution on Sake-Bomb’s theatrical release. The deal was negotiated by Yuko Shiomaki of Pictures Dept. and Oliver Ike of First Pond Entertainment.

New York-based Digital Media Rights has also picked up DVD and VOD rights for the US.

The road movie, named after the cocktail of a shot of sake dropped in a glass of beer, follows the exploits of a sarcastic Asian American internet star wannabe and his naïve cousin, a sake-maker from Japan, as they travel through northern California in search of the latter’s ex-girlfriend.

Sake-Bomb was picked up by Third Window Films for the UK in Cannes and won the Outstanding Screenplay award at this year’s Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival after making its world premiere at SXSW.

“We’re looking at theatrical releases starting in New York, LA and Hawaii by the end of the year,” says Pictures Dept.’s Yuko Shiomaki. The film will be taking advantage of the autumn festival circuit with the participation of the director and actors to promote the film.


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