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AKB48 kicks off Fuji TV's annual summer event

On July 13th, Fuji TV's annual summer event "Odaiba Gasshukoku 2013 (United States of Odaiba)" kicked off with AKB48, serving as the image character for the event, holding the special opening live performance. This is the 5th year for this incredibly successful event.

16 members including Takahashi Minami, Sashihara Rino, and Oshima Yuko, appeared in the opening live performance in newly made costumes for the event. Takahashi said with a smile, "The opening of the Odaiba Gasshukoku makes me feel that summer has come." Another member Itano Tomomi who will graduate from the group on August 27th, also said, "I want to make this as my first memory for this summer. Let's enjoy it together."

The live performance started with "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" (to be released on August 21st) that is being used as the event's theme song, and the girls performed 6 songs in total.

AKB48 members also attended the opening ceremony, where the girls gave a lecture on the choreography to "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" to Fuji TV's president Kameyama Chihiro and its employees.

At the event, there is a booth called "AKB48 Odaiba Rinkai Gakkou" where the costumes and book reports written by the members are displayed. Special curry rice, cooked up by Watanabe Mayu is also on sale. Apart from the AKB48 booth, there are also many other booths collaborating with popular Fuji TV shows at the "Odaiba Gasshukoku 2013."

Reportedly, 56,000 people visited the event as of 5:00 pm on the opening day, and it will attract many people until its last day on September 1st.

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