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ONE OK ROCK, miwa, and more chosen as the nominees for "The 6th CD Shop Awards 2014"

On July 17th, CD Shop Awards executive committee revealed the 10 nominated works of the first half for "The 6th CD Shop Awards 2014."
"CD Shop Awards" is an annual music awards event that choose winners by votes from sales clerks of CD stores all across Japan.

The nominated works of the first half were chosen among Japanese original albums (best-of albums excluded) that were released during January 1st to June 30th of 2013.
They will choose other nominated works for the latter half, and it will be revealed early in the new year. There will then be an awarding ceremony and announcement about the winner of the grand prize in early March of next year.

Check out the 10 nominated works for "The 6th CD Shop Awards 2014" (first half) below.

● ONE OK ROCK - "Jinsei×Boku="
● Sakanaction - "sakanaction"
● Kuroki Nagisa - "Kuroki Nagisa"
● KANA-BOON - "Boku ga CD wo Dashitara"
● Hoshino Gen - "Stranger"
● Good Morning America - "Mirai e no Spiral"
● miwa - "Delight"
● Passepied - "Enshutsuka Shutsuen"
● andymori - "Uchuu no Hate wa Kono Me no Mae ni"
● [Champagne] - "Me No Do Karate."

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