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The Rise of Women's Societies in the Entertainment Business?

^ Mama-gathering of Koda Kumi, Hoshino Aki, Kanda Uno and Nakanishi Mona

Tokyo, on a certain day. Yuriko Yoshitaka (actress, age 24), Harisenbon's Kondo Haruna (age 30), Tsubaki Oniyakko (comedian, age 41), and Namie Amuro (singer, age 35) enter a private room, staying well past midnight and sounds of excitement and laughter can be heard from inside. On a different day, Yuko Ogura (gravure idol and model, age 29), Miki Fujimoto (model and TV actress, age 28), and Mona Yamamoto (TV announcer and presenter, age 37) bring their children along for a lunch meeting.

The girls-only gatherings in the world of show business are becoming more and more popular. This warranted a closer look. Entertainment reporter Komai Chikako explains.

"Although people were split into celebrity cliques and common people cliques not long ago, the amount of female celebrities having children has drastically changed people's circles of friends. Osawa Akane (talento, age 27) really played a central role in starting the "common people clique", Osawa herself taking a break from modeling and acting to raise her children. Kanada Uno was key in the "celebrity clique, seeming to be going to several different groups at once."

In recent years, more clubs have been popping up. In addition to Haruna of Harisenpon's 『Haruna Meeting』, there is also Nozomi Sasaki (model, 25)and Kyoko Fukada's (singer and model, age 30) gathering 『The Completely Beautiful Girls-Only Gathering』, and Riko Higashio (professional golfer, age 37)and TBS reporter Mai Izumi's (age 29) gathering 『The Cheerful Girls Club』. One after another, new women's societies are born. But why are there so many?

"There's a lot of good behind the scenes talk you can get from friends that you can use for laughs on TV, you can make new friends, but there's also various other reasons to be involved in one. Many entertainers have side businesses, and if you become good friends with someone well-recognized in that industry and learn the know-how, your amount of contacts will spread. There's also a team of mothers called "Mamatare" that help out new celeb moms, it seems."

source: translated by Mandilinn at Onehallyu

Nozomi Sasaki's group would be called "The Completely Beautiful Girls-Only Gathering", it matches her personality. Also good to know that Namie has friends, with the way some places made it sounded like she only spent time with family.
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