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2nd episode of Summer Nude starring Tomohisa Yamashita drops 4.6 percentage points down to 12.8%

I thought it would be lower than this, though.
Episode 3 will be even lower.

Looks like it'll drop further

Erika Toda looked cuter than expected.
Mizuki Yamamoto should wear swimsuits every episode.
That was all I got out of that episode.

I don't like the fact that they brought Masami Nagasawa in to become like the "other" heroine...
Karina already looks like she's past it, and anyone could have played Yamashita's role.

The ratings were just right. It'll probably just hover around the 11% mark every week from now on. Honestly, it was a bit boring for adults.

So it still got 12%?
This shi++y drama should have got no more than single digits right from the 1st episode.
Moreover, Yamashita doesn't have what it takes to be the lead role.

If Yamashita doesn't cut it, then only a handful can play the lead.
The first episode got high ratings, it'll just boil down to the scriptwriting.

This drama should've been aired in the 90s

An extravagant cast, but the ratings are this low?

People have always talked about Yamashita not being able to deliver the ratings. But the bigger problem here is that everyone other than Masami Nagasawa has small boobs, despite it being a summer drama. It really doesn't make me feel like watching it.

What a way to go down

To think that the dramas of the other stations also rated well on the 2nd week. Fuji really is no good.

Do you really think a lousy drama like this will be popular in this day and age? wwwwwwwwww

Yamashita suddenly looks like a Korean star.
So gross.

The next episode will most likely get a single digit

Before talking about the cast, I think this is all because of the boring story

I thought the ending song was a rip-off, but it's actually a cover, huh LOL

Just look at how much the ratings have dropped from Galileo!

I LOL when I see Yamashita's acting, as if he's trying to be conscious of KimuTako.
I can't really make out what he's saying though.

LOL, it's so boring

Yamashita's still young, so it's fine. But the person inside him needs to grow up too.

This is a fraud.
There's nude in the title but there aren't any nude scenes at all.

I was looking forward to nude scenes of pretty boys and girls, but I'm really disappointed.

Yamashita and Kitagawa's Buzzer Beat was good

This was really boring.
I stopped watching midway.

I got bored since there was nothing huge going on.

The scriptwriting is terrible.
It's on a level where you even feel sorry for the actors.

Yamashita always looks gloomy in whatever role he plays

They're not making good use of Karina.
Hint: Swimsuit

You can totally predict that he'll just end up with Karina

And it's shown the day after Hanzawa Naoki, which makes the lack of content stand out more.

It's boring, and the women don't seem too "summery"

I'm amazed that they thought of doing a drama with this kind of setting in this day and age.
It hasn't changed from the Monday-night-at-9 dramas of the past.

Even Last Cinderella which people thought would flop because of the romance theme got high ratings. What's going on here?

That one was high because of the erotic factor

Because this one has no erotic scenes

It seems that it's becoming a standard for Yamashita dramas to debut well then drop right after LOL

It just feels like they're stuck in a groove because of these overused pairings and cast.

I liked Yama-P's drama where he went back to the past numerous times during the day of the wedding.

Fukuyama and Oda are pretty tall, so that's why the ratings are high.
And the hairstyles of these Johnny's talents all seem dirty, they just look like hosts.

Then what about Ohno's drama last year, and Ninomiya's freelancer drama? The ratings were high...

So you just want tall guys? Then with your logic, Choi Hong-man will be the best for you.

It feels that there's nothing new to it when compared to Beach Boys.
Everything from the cast to the story.

The scriptwriter is the guy who did Proposal Daisakusen, right?
That one was good, though.

Yama-P's at his best when he plays a frivolous highschooler.
Kabachitare, Hyouryuu Kyoushitsu, Stand Up!!, Nobuta.
He's good as a Johnny's talent, not so much as an actor.

I had this image that you couldn't go wrong with any of Yamashita's dramas.
As a supporting character, there was Lunch no Joou and IWGP.
As a lead, there's Nobuta and Proposal Daisakusen.

So he was also a highschooler in Lunch no Joou.
I think he's much better in supporting roles, like an added spice.

The girls here should be in swimsuits more often

Invest money in Nagasawa, and let her run along the beach with her boobs bouncing every week.

>drops 4.6 percentage points

Whoaaaaaaaaaaah wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
That's the biggest drop yet this season wwwwwwwwww

Yamashita used to be called "Mr. Ratings" before

That was also thanks to his extravagant supporting cast, along with theme songs from Kuwata and B'z.
Now he's just being exposed as Yamashita the monotonous, thus these ratings.

Their only hope is for Karina and Toda to wear swimsuits.
Swimsuits is the basic thing to do in a summer drama.
People who can't or won't wear swimsuits shouldn't be in these dramas.
The director should also be considering that thing well.

The scriptwriting's horrible, and the whole set-up is too old.
Yamashita's character also doesn't suit the summer theme since he seems so gloomy.
And I also can't understand why Toda has been in love with Yamashita for 10 years.

This drama seems to be aimed towards people below 25 years old.
When you think about the population ratio from Beach Boys that was shown over 10 years ago, there's no way this drama would be able to get high ratings.

Yamashita's good-looking, but he's too gloomy and just lacks glamour.
KimuTaku had an enormous air of glamour around him when he was young.

There's no more trace of his former ikemen self now...

No one other than KimuTaku from Johnny's can get high ratings

My heart was beating so fast as I was full of anticipation when I watched the first episode, but it just made me sleepy.

It's a really boring drama.

If they make Erika Toda wear an extremely small bikini, I'll watch it.

Tags: drama, erika toda, japanese netizens, karina, nagasawa masami, yamapi

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