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AKB48 Staff perform Koisuru Fortune Cookie

AKB48 Youtube

[Staff Performers]
AKB48 group manager
AKB48 theater "beard" manager
AKB48 footage supervisor (Kitagawa Kenji)
HKT48 theater "friends"
AKB48 office / fleet management
SKE48 specialist trainer (hasn't had a boyfriend in 3 years and 2 months)
AKB48 cafe staff (one minute on foot from the station)
NMB48 theater staff
SKE48 hair / make up / costumes
SKE48 lighting / sound staff
AKB48 theater staff
SKE48 driver / management / office staff
AKB48 management / ex-HKT48 theater manager
AKB48 theater staff
SKE48 theater staff
AKB48 management (ex-pro wrestler / ex-system engineer)
AKB48 writer / head of management supervision HQ / accountant
NMB48 footage staff / camera man
AKB48 On Demand team
AKB48 footage editing team
HKT48 theater manager (married with 2 kids)
SKE48 theater security
Catering personnel
AKB48 costume team (recruiting husbands!)
JKE48 theater "friends"
AKB48 management
AKB48 PR department (Saru-obasan) / music and publishing supervisor
AKB48 fleet management / driver
AKB48 management supervision HQ / producer (older brother of Makino Anna)
AKB48 group footage team
SKE48 hair / make-up
NMB48 theater manager (nickname: "Kaneko Tsuyoshi AKA Cameron")
HKT48 management
Recording team / Team Insomnia
The team behind this video (assist. director / director / camera)
NMB48 stage team
SKE48 theater staff (hobby: horse racing)
AKB48 concert management staff
AKB48 costume team
SKE48 footage team / choreography / management
AKB48 cafe staff
AKB48 camera man (Pancho) / manager
AKB48 specialist trainer
NMB48 On Demand team
Friends from King Records
SKE48 theater manager
AKB48 stage staff
AKB48 footage editors
NMB48 shop staff
Concert footage live streaming chief / assistant
Concert footage live streaming recording team

Translation from HoneyRoastedPeanuts at stage48

crying rn, this was so ridiculous. tgsk + kenji are absolutely the most adorable staff. shinobu ttly gave it her all too!
Tags: akb48, lol

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