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King of Arama is back! releases short PV for "Hey what's up"

The short PV for Akanishi Jin's new single, "HEY WHAT'S UP?", has been revealed.

Akanishi's upcoming single is scheduled to be released on August 7. This will mark his first new release in a year and five months.

The theme of this song is "party in TOKYO", an idea proposed by Akanishi himself. It's directed by Maruyama Kenji, who has worked on PVs for AKB48, SKE48, and Nogizaka46.

The PV was shot over a period of 20 hours from 11am to 7am the next morning. Akanishi explained, "Since the theme is 'summer party', I absolutely wanted to put in a party scene. Also, I wanted to present the amusement of JAPAN."

Source: natalie via tokyohive


Akanishi Jin's new release after 1 year 5 months is a 「upper song」(TN: I think he means upbeat, uptempo song) that really fits the season of summer. He is not only an artist, but also a creator. Together we contributed a lot of ideas and held meetings many times over; there was a feeling of completing this music video with our combined efforts. This production's most attractive point at any rate is its「REAL FEELING」(TN: Authenticity, unstaged).

(The rest of the comment basically similar to the above, saying how the night scenes on the boat were actually of a real party and filmed like a documentary)



HEY WHAT'S UP is a song with 'SUMMER' and 'PARTY' as its theme, hence there definitely had to be a party scene. Afterwards, the interesting aspects of Tokyo are also showcased. Many of Japan's music videos are with overseas influences. This time I wanted to make a music video that conversely, promotes the goodness of Tokyo. I really wish to proudly share with the world what a fun and enjoyable place Tokyo is, to send this city more prominently onto the world stage. Hence we discussed various ideas and finally came up with the concept of 「PARTY-FICATION FROM TOKYO」.

One aspect I was personally quite particular about was 「COLORFUL」. We used neon paints on blacklights and colored fog. There was also an original, custom-made「TOKYO T-shirt」. It is a favorite of mine, so I also wear it in my everyday life. It'd be great if「TOKYO」could become even more prevalent in the world.

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