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preview of Ieiri's new song "kimi ni todoke"

Leo Ieiri is set to release a digital song titled "Kimi Ni Todoke" (君に届け). The song will also be used in a commercial.

"The commercial song Ieiri is going to be in charge is a 2013 TV commercial for a 'Incorporate educational institution・vocational school Shuto Ikou / Oosaka Isen / Nagoya Isen'. This school practices 'team medical care' from medical practice, welfare to sports with the theme of 'job where you can be the sun for someone'. In 2012, 'Beautiful day' by Ryota Fujimaki was chosen for this commercial.

The 2013 TV commercial portrays relay of life by the medical care of each field and not only the importance of the individual's specialty to become a medical staff but learning to cooperate as a team. As a message as large as life, the lyrics of Ieiri 'Don't look away, with the voice from the heart, I'm looking for the pieces of my dream' and the sound of the new song 'Kimi ni Todoke' brings out the serious side expression of the students who aim to become a medical staff in the video."

source: Ieiri Leo

i am luving the song soo far<3
Tags: ieiri leo, teaser

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