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Shoko Nakagawa believes "idols should be mysterious" and says it is "too late" for herself.

On July 21st, talent Shoko Nakagawa (28) answered questions before the talk event of "Music Jacket Gallery 2013" in Tokyo. Nakagawa touched on the subject of Japan's Idol Culture, and expressed her opinion on it. She "wants idols to be covered with the veil of mystery". Though, she did show a wry smile when describing herself. Nakagawa already reveals everything on her own. On her blog, she writes things such as "smelling the fragrance of a cat's behind". "Even if I try to wrap myself up in mystery now, it is impossible", she lamented, "I just longed to become an idol like that but could not become it" and seemed sad because of it.

Nakagawa says that she is "full of complexes". She revealed that when searching her name on the internet, the words "short legged" came up. To her it is "embarrassing" and wondered if "there was ever an idol like this before". While Nakagawa felt regretful, lately she believes that she should "leave an interesting appearance behind or else it would be a waste", and became positive.

At the same event, over 500 different single jackets of female idols, from the 70's to today, were displayed. Nakagawa, who aimed to enter show business because of her admiration for 80's idols, especially loves and respects the "legend", Seiko Matsuda and her jacket for "Candy". After looking at it, she heartily expressed that her "tears are flowing out, they won't stop".

She continued to talk about idols after this as well, saying that "it would be great to add a lesson about idols as a compulsory course" and that "idols are needed in every era, and when you meet a wonderful idol, your life changes".

The exhibition will continue until the 23rd in Tokyo, on the 1st floor event room of Shinjuku Takashimiya. After this, it will be moved to the Tower Records shop in Shibuya and be open from the 25th to the 28th.

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Sources: Article by Oricon Style / Photos by ORICON NewS inc.
Translation by tsunemi

Arama, what are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer an idol that is public or private with their audience? For such things, what is the limit? Also, since we're on the topic of (female) idols, I would like to know who your favourites are!
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