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Shunsuke Kazama's wife is Kazuna Kawamura, formerly linked with Ken Miyake of V6

According to Shuukan Josei, Shunsuke Kazama's wife is apparently Kazuna Kawamura, a former talent who was previously linked with Ken Miyake of V6.

The 2 met on the set of Claudia which was produced by the theater group Chikyuu Gorgeous in 2004. Claudia was staged from 2004~2005 and was a huge turning point in Kazama's showbiz career.

Kawamura was formerly an assistant or "Won-girl" (Wonderful Girls)" in Wonderful, a late night program shown on TBS. She was part of the program from 2001.  She's focused mainly on stage acting in recent years as a member of the Benibara Usagi Troupe.

Shuukan Josei also revealed that Kawamura was found to have had a relationship with Ken Miyake in June of 2010. Miyake lost his mother who raised him singlehandedly at that time, but Kawamura was apparently the one who was supporting him through those difficult times. The magazine included a picture of the two leaving Miyake's apartment standing closely to each other two days after his mother's funeral.

Both parties denied the reports at that time. Shuukan Josei asked Kawamura's agency about Kazama. The agency responded:  "I think it was around the beginning of spring this year when she requested, 'I'm going to get married so please release me from my contract'. We knew that she was in a relationship, but we only recently found out about her plans to get married." When asked about Miyake: "We heard that he's one of her friends."

Shuukan Josei also asked Kawamura's father; Keiji Takasugi who is the president of BMI. "No, don't ask me anything about that. Please direct all your questions at Johnny's. That's our deal." About Kazama: "Of course I've met him. He's a splendid man. And he was able to get married because he's splendid. (About the ceremony) That's their issue, and I have not received any word concerning that."

Source: news.livedoor translated by majide2ch
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