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CanCam holds model audition using Google+, many foreign girls apply

Last week, popular fashion magazine (aimed at women in their 20s), CanCam revealed that they will be start a modeling audition. However this is not an average audition and will utilize social networking site, Google+. You need to be at least 13 years old, and if you’re under 20, parental consent is required. This is CanCam's attempt at finding a star that represents the new generation.

If one wishes to take part in the contest, it is not a difficult feat. All one must do is have a Google+ account. Upload a picture to your Google+ page with the tags '#CanCam' and '#新世代モデル'. Then users are free to '+1' (the equivalent of facebook 'like') your post. The number of +1s a post has is counted from 0:00 JST to 23:59 JST. The girl with the most +1s by the end of the day, is the winner of that day. The competition will run from July 23 to October 30, 100 days long! This means that there will be 100 girls who will go onto the  2nd round of the audition.

The 2nd round audition will be held in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) around November, and the girls must burden the travel costs themselves. While it is not a requirement to know Japanese, it is advised that you do. Then the number of girls will be cut down to 20, who will move onto the 3rd round.

The 3rd and final round will be held in Tokyo, where CanCam's editor in chief, stylist and cameraman will screen you. Then the winner(s) will be chosen. The winner will be awarded 10 million yen (approx. $100K USD), however if there are more than one winner, the prize money will be split among the girls. The winner(s) will then be hold a year long contract with CanCam.

Surprisingly to the staff of CanCam, many foreign girls have applied to the competition. One infamous pair to do so is 'living doll' Venus Angelic and her mother, Margaret Palermo. However the staff are not opposed to non-Japanese girls applying to competition, once they are competent in the language. While there is a lower age limit for aspiring models, there is no upper limit.

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I hope I got all the info right.
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