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NEWS announce their 10th year commemorative event at Tokyo Dome

2013.07.27☆NEWS初日WSまとめ by ichigocherry

On July 26, 4-member idol group NEWS kicked off their nationwide tour, 'NEWS LIVE TOUR2013', at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo. During this event, NEWS announced that they would be holding their 10th year commemorative event in September at Tokyo Dome.

While details on the event have yet to be confirmed, Koyama Keiichiro commented on their first Tokyo Dome after becoming a 4-member group. "I'm excited thinking about the scene that is waiting for the 4 of us." Meanwhile, Kato Shigeaki called out to fans, "It would make me happy if everyone could come."

Reflecting on the past 10 years, Tegoshi Yuya said, "When I compare us to when we first debuted, Kei-chan (Koyama) became an adult." Koyama responded, "Tegoshi, you're just as bad. Your picture from 10 years ago!"

During the course of their career, there was a time when NEWS went on hiatus. Regarding their future, Koyama promised, "We're not going to end our activities as NEWS, so we will do our best to give you peace of mind."

On this day, NEWS performed a total of 33 songs, mainly focusing on tracks off of their latest album, "NEWS". They excited the crowd of 35,000 fans with a medley, including a marching band and fireworks during the encore. Masuda Takahisa expressed, "I didn't really like the outdoors, but it was so fun that it made me change my mind."

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