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[RUMOUR] Disbandment could be on the horizon for KAT-TUN


It seems that popular Johnny's group KAT-TUN has finally reached this point.

The group's top member Kamenashi Kazuya's movie "Ore Ore" is going swimmingly, and a drama for October has been decided. Nakamaru Yuichi too, is a reporter on information program "Shuuichi", and although not in lead roles, has been in dramas without break. For the rest of the members, with their own work they are getting trickles of exposure, but as for activities as a group, they don't have a crown program (TN: their own variety show), and no tour has been decided.

A certain industry source reveals, "There was talk that they would hold a national tour in July. Until around the end of May, the members were also like 'Let's meet at the concert' or 'Wait for us', giving off the vibe that they would be doing a concert. At one point the website of the fan club even updated with a full schedule for a tour, but it was quickly deleted. Nowadays, there's completely no hint of a concert in their talk content, and there's no event for the five to gather.

At the end of last year their crown program on television ended, and according to an insider at a TV station, "Even with the change of programs in the fall, there are no plans at this point for a crown program." And as for tours, there hasn't been any since "KAT-TUN LIVE TOUR 2012 CHAIN" in February last year. On top of this, the same insider says "Nakamaru is turning 30 in September, and talk is that KAT-TUN will be graduating from the idol magazines "myojo" and "POPOLO" which they have always been in. No matter which Johnny's group it is, with these idol magazines it seems that 30 years old is the decided retirement age." The width of activities as a group is narrowing more and more.

Will there be any activities for KAT-TUN as a group in future? A certain management staff at an entertainment agency says "Vice President Julie, who manages KAT-TUN, treats Kamenashi importantly, but doesn't really care as much about the group. In fact it's been said that she sees the group as an existence that is dragging Kamenashi down."

"Around last year and two years ago, Kamenashi was so busy that there were times he could not adhere to the schedule for KAT-TUN. So much so that it was said Kamenashi had considered the option of going solo at one point in time. It's said that KAT-TUN will follow in the same way as V6, which didn't disband but has no substantial activities even with single releases. But though it's been said that way, there's also the possibility it could change if someone in management says otherwise."

Their individual activities are reasonably substantial, but the destiny of the group is a concern.

source: Naigai Times (Real Live)

I don't believe they'll actually disband cause that's just bad publicity overall for J&A but what the last paragraphs say are not really that impossible... And I'm mad because J&A's lousy marketing for KT this year is to blame.

Anyway, take this rumour with lots of salt. So many dubious insiders... I'm translating so that foreign fans can be aware. This rumour of disbandment has been gaining traction recently. All that needs to happen is for a tour to be announced so that these rumours can go away :(

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