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7:39 pm - 07/27/2013

Fans are uneasy about KAT-TUN’s lack of group activities

Although each members of KAT-TUN have continuously appeared in TV dramas and movies, their activities as a group have dwindled. Fans are voicing their apprehension about KAT-TUN’s future after their namesake program have gone off-air last year and no formal announcement has been made about a concert tour or an album…

As reported,

Though no official announcement has been made, KAT-TUN fan club members have waited since the end of May for news about the group’s tour schedules. However, those who managed to catch a glimpse of the said schedule at the FC page on Johnny’s net were surprised that the contents were immediately disappeared. “The tour should have started by now. The first con should have been in Niigata on July 20 and after the tour schedule have disappeared from the site, many fans were depressed about it,” according to an avid fan of KAT-TUN.

The original tour should have started by July until September, and though it was cancelled for some reason, the next schedule is expected around autumn to winter.

There are some rumors surrounding the lack of decided tour for the group, like: (a) Tanaka Koki* is being penalized after he opened a bar without permission from the office; (b) dwindling record sales; and (c) there are doubts that KAT-TUN can pull in customers. Their last single, “FACE to Face“, only sold 150,107 copies, which is 23,000 less than their earlier single- “Expose“.

Due to an undecided tour before the year ends, dwindling record sales, and no regular program for the group, it’s no wonder that fans are uneasy about the group’s future.

Despite KAT-TUN’s lack of group activities, the members have their individual projects. Junno Taguchi has appeared with Higashiyama Noriyuki in NHK’s “Nanatsu no Kaigi” that started last July 13th; Nakamaru Yuichi will also appear in a drama special with Higashiyama for “The Partner ~itoshiki hyaku nen no tomo e ~” on TBS. Ueda Tatsuya has appeared regularly in TBS “Honoo no taiiku tai TV” and will also appear in V6′s Okada Junichi movie, “Eien no Zero” this December. Kamenashi Kazuya, who is the most popular figure in the group, have appeared in “Ore Ore” movie last May and will star in “Tokyo Bandwagon” this October on NTV. Lastly, Tanaka Koki, who has been criticized for his self-centered behavior, will appear in “Bakushō! dai nippon akan keisatsu” on Fuji TV and in a movie “Sanbunnoichi” next year.

“Even though each member is playing an active part, their activities as a group is also substantial,” according to a magazine reporter.

Cyzowoman, jnewseng

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fukkthedumbshyt 28th-Jul-2013 05:40 am (UTC)
What self centered behavior from Koki? Just opening the bar?
aibada 28th-Jul-2013 06:35 am (UTC)
lol ikr
ih8je 28th-Jul-2013 05:40 am (UTC)


Btw, where are the stans who said KAT-TUN is stronger than ever as 5 people, happier and healthier??

witakerable 28th-Jul-2013 05:52 am (UTC)
the fact that you hate JE so much but then you cared too much about them...i'm so touched ;D
thanks for your concern ;))))
witakerable 28th-Jul-2013 05:54 am (UTC)
oh please, they just took a break to give way for a certain D-bag's comeback okay?
it's that so hard to understand?
momi_k 28th-Jul-2013 06:20 am (UTC)
Do you think so? It's a nice way to see it!!
I hope it is so ç______ç
fangirlingspazz 28th-Jul-2013 06:27 am (UTC)
really, I'm flattered that there are two rumour write-ups about KAT-TUN in just a day. It's either the group is really in bad shape or this is a call to the agency that they need to rely more with KAT-TUN.
Now that Jin is back, I feel bad that they might get eclipsed again. =(
chopper 28th-Jul-2013 06:28 am (UTC)
It's really a shame that that d-bag with his mediocre releases can stir up so much shit.
midori_akanishi 28th-Jul-2013 06:28 am (UTC)
but NEWS ultimo album vendio 100.000 copias y aun siguen juntos no?

coki tenia un Bar?..pero entonces que hay que pedirle permiso al viejo hasta para eso tambien -_-
chopper 28th-Jul-2013 06:47 am (UTC)
It's almost no doubt that this has something to do with Akanishi's return in a few days time. Not only that, but if NEWS can go through such a dry period and come back with less members, two tours, two albums and not to mention Tegoshi's scandals, then there is no reason to think that KAT-TUN is doing poorly. They have plenty of solo activities, and FACE to face did better than their previous singles, obviously not collectively. If they would stop doing tie-in songs, maybe they would get better sales. Not to mention, why would a group on the brink of being disbanded go to New York to train together? Seems like it's be counter productive to spend that money and then so soon disband the group after that.
naaaeri 28th-Jul-2013 06:57 am (UTC)
wish there was a "like" button so i can like this >.> lol

flylikearocket 28th-Jul-2013 07:46 am (UTC)
Wow, I'm really amazed at how people can forcibly relate this to Jin :))) I know probably a number of Jin fans are/were KAT-TUN fans as well because he came from KAT-TUN, but to say KAT-TUN has cooled down to make way for his comeback. Idk there's something wrong with that...
hiddenpsyche 28th-Jul-2013 08:26 am (UTC)
Hi ! Just wanted to clarify. I'm a KAT-TUN and Jin fan as well, but I agree that this has more or less something to do with Jin's comeback. It's not really a negative thing. It's more for practical reasons. Can you imagine if KAT-TUN was active ( ex : releasing an album, appearing on mag/tv/radio) at the same month as Jin's new single release? He would most definitely be promoting the same time as the group. Don't you see how this can be an issue since reporters or probably even host would bombard both parties about the other? You're right there is something wrong with saying " KAT-TUN has cooled down to make way for his comeback", but we can't do anything with how the media there try to devour whatever issue they can bring up about Jin and the group...but for now, that's the sad reality (T_T)
asth77 28th-Jul-2013 07:53 am (UTC)
Lol @ Koki and the bar story... I mean if he was really punished, his own solo activities would be halted not the group activities, it doesn't make sense.
yomi_mochi 28th-Jul-2013 09:19 am (UTC)
FIRST OF ALL. Why are so many people still bitter about Akanishi leaving? Seriously, if you don't like him, FOCUS ON KAT-TUN. If you like both, then YAY ME TOO! :D I'm tired of trying to peacfully follow one or the other and get smashed either way. . . Now, on to the real subject: they may be taking a simple break to rest. I mean really, the poor guys must be exhausted. It hasn't been that long since Face to Face, and JE might be trying to keep KAT-TUN concerts from interfering with NEWS concerts. Fans' wallets need some rest in between too ;) Since NEWS has had longer spaces between releases, maybe they think more people would invest in KAT-TUN things instead (if they have to choose due to financial reasons). Either way, it'd be smart of them to stagger things for the groups.
Edit: ahh, I almost forgot about Hey What's Up! As a fan of multiple groups, I'm actually really happy that KAT-TUN and Akanishi aren't releasing at the same time. Seriously, my 2 favorites? HOW WOULD I CHOOSE?! Poor college student is very poor. . .

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seelenlicht 28th-Jul-2013 09:49 am (UTC)
Thanks for saying that. All of it. *thumbs up*
hana_ra 28th-Jul-2013 10:11 am (UTC)
Yamapi and NEWS can release on same month and be on same stage too. Why Kattun and Jin not try?
flylikearocket 28th-Jul-2013 10:16 am (UTC)
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
jicachan 28th-Jul-2013 10:34 am (UTC)
No concerts so far this year is a bit worrisome, but let's hope it's just a rumour about disbandment. It could be that the solo activities take time, so we'll just wait patiently and see what happens.
sae_chaan 28th-Jul-2013 10:55 am (UTC)
It could really be because of jin's comeback. Do you remember last year when jin got married and KAT-TUN had the chain concert, they got asked about Jin and him getting married to Meisa! And on that panasonic press con kame got asked too. Maybe they really wanna avoid something like this to happen again.

But it could be something completly different....maybe they really are exhausted and need a short break...or KAT-TUN is preparing something new and it's a suprise for the fans or something. Don't know i just know that i want to see them as 5 again!

Disbanding wouldn't bring Johnny any profit would it?
flylikearocket 28th-Jul-2013 10:59 am (UTC)
Disbanding wouldn't bring Johnny any profit would it? !!!
kamelli 28th-Jul-2013 11:43 am (UTC)
Guys, Johnny is the last person that will make a group disband just because of some "unnecessary" situations. I think they've been through heavier shit than this and they're still intact. Come on! The idea of disbanding is plain ridiculous considering that they released 2 single for 2013 already. I will be worried if they don't have a single thing. And JE invested too much on these boys already. He's not about to destroy something that is still #1 even if he's not promoting on it anymore. :)

But I won't deny that I'm worried too. I'm so excited to see them in another con that it's making me so pissed off. But if I have my proper logic, I wouldn't even be in a panic fit. I just think Hyphens are somewhat spoiled. Okay before you kill me, please hear me out.

KAT-TUN always had 4 or more releases (single, album tour DVD, etc) every year. And now that we're nearing the last quarter of the year and we only have 2, I think that's some reason for panic. But let's also consider that every Johnnys group have their time and their DOWN time. Arashi had one before and look at them now. My point is, Hyphens are just not used to not spending too much in a year. Just save it my dear Hyphens. we'll never know. :)

Staying positive all the time. Our boys are better than this and we Hyphens should be too. :)
kameshotajunki 28th-Jul-2013 11:53 am (UTC)
First, i don't want to mention about Jin as the pain-in-the-ass since i liked him and i hope people just let him alone with his new single instead of bring him into the article which doesn't relate to him at all. Second, i agree about the idea of retiring for a while, KAT-TUN is not active as a group recently but they do a lot in individual activities, Kame is going to have a new drama so they must be prepare for the new single for sure ^^ Concert is not something that you can hold for a few days, it's the preparation for months an the arrangement schedule so be patient ^^ Love all people support KAT-TUN, Hyphen! Be patient and keep the faith!
mamoswine1 28th-Jul-2013 12:13 pm (UTC)
I don't have any idea about this but I believe that the 3rd rumor about the sales is pretty normal now in JE fandom. Except for Arashi all other groups are either declining or numbers are not growing in terms of sales. Seems like some casual fans are getting tired of the old JE groups since they only give the same the same the same all over again. HSJ lastt concert is almost a flop that they need to do a gimmick the JUMPING Seat and guess some JE artists. Well they will not die since Tokio and V6 despite of their sales they didn't disband. I remember the days were KATTUN is so strong that their fans are so crazy causing other fandom to label Johnny's fandom as the brainless fandom because of those fans.
rim1789 28th-Jul-2013 02:05 pm (UTC)
To be fair for HSJ Tour, JE was being stupid with the scheduling for Tokyo Dome... HSJ had been on stage almost every month since last year in July or something : November-December Js World + they added January finally...Most of the show revolved around HSJ members, and most of the theatre fans were HSJ fans( I m an ABC-Z fan who went there mostly for ABC-Z, I m just saying that so that you will know I m not just a delusional HSJ fan ^^ answering)...Then they announced Js World in Dome, then suddenly they announced less than a month later a tour ? At some point, fans don't have anymore money lol especially when seeing how much the seats in Teikoku costs --'

The tour wasn't a flop for any other date than the Tokyo one, which wasn't surprising. I wouldn't have gone to such a big venue, when they only did arena for other dates// Well, I m an ABC-Z fan and I like Sexy Zone too, so I would have gone, but if they hadn't brought these bands, I would have put more money to go to another city...// Arena versus Dome, fans are choosing arena lol,especially the ones with less than 5000 seats. ^^

''Except for Arashi all other groups are either declining or numbers are not growing in terms of sales.''

That 's also not true. Kis-my-ft2 are selling even more than their debut singles in a week, despite the fact that fans between end of January and end of March got : Kis-my-valentine campaign, Lottery, the My Resistance/Umnei girl singles, SOS/Kiss your mind Singles + A short movie + a new album.... And their popularity is getting bigger, as well as their ticket con prices. ABC-Z also are selling much better than before, and getting more known. As angry as I am with Sexy Zone last release, they are selling better too.

Didn't SMAP JOY also sold better than their previous single ? :) I think Yamapi is also getting better in terms of sales....

That being said ^^ I m not worried at all about KAT-TUN. If JE didn't leave them when their sales were really really low, then no pb. They are also not the worst seller of JE so, not worried about them at all.

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