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NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013 - 100 fans required medical treatment due to hyperventilation

According to the Tokyo Fire Department, numerous fans in attendance started complaining about their health at around 8:30 pm, and about 100 people required medical attention at around 9:30 pm.
NEWS' concert was cancelled at around 7:30 pm due to the heavy rains on Tokyo's Chichibunomiya Rugby Grounds.

Wow, this is NEWS (pun intended)

But the current NEWS are just these leftovers that Yamashita and NSKD left behind, right?
Didn't know they're still around.

There must be a lot of ugly fatties in there...

Wait, I'm not getting things here.

7:30 PM - The concert was cancelled midway due to the heavy rains.

8:30 PM - Fans in attendance were claiming health issues one after another.

9:30 PM - 100 fans received medication.

Why the heck did this happen after the concert got cancelled wwwwwwwww

Must have gone like this
"NOOOOOOOOO~~~~ WHY U CANCEL!?~~~~~~ (Cries)
Haaaa, haaaa, fuuuuuu, haaaa, haaaa, fuuuuu"

I heard they had to request for back up due to the number of people rushed to the first aid quarters as they were leaving the arena when the concert got cancelled.

So it was an hour after the concert got cancelled, huh? LOL
I don't get it LOL
Are they stupid?

The stadium seems really smelly

Don't tell me that they went hysterical due to the cancellation...

I've only seen hyperventilation in these medical dramas and backstage at AKB shows

100 people? What the heck happened?

They should treat their Jani-disease first before their hyperventilation wwww

There was also a lot of concern for the women who were soaking wet in their kimonos at the Sumida river fireworks display, but it seems that the damage was bigger here.

NEWS really is unlucky.
Maybe it would be better if they see a fortune teller or an exorcist even.

I think this even turned out for the good since they have now proven there were a lot of fans in attendance. And if you just look at Twitter, it seems war is ensuing for the replacement tickets for tomorrow's concert.

TBS said it was 70 people

NEWS really is unfortunate.
Though I think it serves Tegoshi right due to his relations with the AKB group and his party-going nature, but the agency is at fault here, too.
(http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/06/yuya-tegoshi-caught-in-deep-kiss-by.html and http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/07/ske48s-gravure-queen-momona-kito-was.html)

A girl who answered the interview on the news said,
"The concert has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Some girls won't be able to attend the concert tomorrow and are having trouble breathing due to crying too much."

And there are 100 of them? That's stupid.

I heard that there were some people who had a low body temperature due to being soaked in the rain... is it really that cold?
But what's with hard breathing due to the cancellation of the concert.......

I've never heard of a group hyperventilation case. Isn't this some sort of terrorist attack?

There was also some news recently about 7~8 highschool girls who fainted due to hyperventilation

They probably just got too worked up LOL
But I heard this was very common in the 60s during the Beatles concerts.

They waited for 5 hours in the summer, which also includes them shopping for goods.
Then they become soaking wet due to the heavy rains and their body temperatures drop.
It's just natural that people would collapse after that.

The majority must be gradeschoolers~junior highschoolers so they were probably just influenced by the people around them.

NEWS fans probably revolve mainly around people in their early 20s

Was this the group who had that disgusting kimowota with the handmade fan that said "Please give me your semen"?

That was Arashi

About hyperventilation, do you put a bag or something on their head to cure it?

That's the wrong way of doing things.
The correct way is letting them calm down first.

The generally accepted first aid method is to take a paper bag and let the person breathe in it, but it seems that it's just better to let the person calm down without doing anything.

The girl who was interviewed said that some had trouble breathing since they were crying because they couldn't attend the rescheduled concert. Is that true? I'd understand them getting sick if they got wet in the rain though.

I looked at Twitter and it does seem like there were a lot of girls like that. They found it hard to breathe after crying so hard.
I just hope there won't be trouble among these girls with the lodging service provided.

From Twitter:
It seems the NEWS members went around while the fans were exiting the stadium and found a fan who looked ill.
Tegoshi: "Staff-san! Staff members, can you come here please! Heavy breathing. Staff members, plese hurry up and come here."
To the fan: "It'll be alright, stay calm, it's alright."
Masuda: "You have a plastic bag there?"
Kato: "People who aren't feeling well, please don't force yourselves! Please say so."

But I think these people would even have a harder time in breathing if Tegoshi and the rest are worried about them.

Things like this must have already happened a number of times before judging from Tegoshi and Masuda's actions.

Thunder, heavy rains, cancelled concert, sudden evacuation. Yeah, I bet the stadium must have been in panic.

Amazing... They're still this popular even with all those members that left?
Then if this were Arashi or SMAP, some people might even die then, huh? That's so scary.

It also seems that Twitter is full of girls looking for places to stay in for that resched.
There might be a lot of people aiming for these soaking girls.

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