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Full trailer for "The Apology King" starring Sadao Abe and Mao Inoue

A new 90-second theatrical trailer has been released for Nobuo Mizuta’s The Apology King (Shazai no Ō-sama).

The film reunites Mizuta with screenwriter Kankuro Kudo and actor Sadao Abe, the “golden trio” behind previous original comedies Maiko Haaaan!!! (2007) and No More Cry!!! (2009).

Drawing inspiration from the seemingly endless parade of apologies being made by Japanese celebrities and public figures recently, the story revolves around a professional “dogeza” (kneeling apology) coach named Yuzuru Kurojima (Abe) who helps people get out of sticky situations by teaching them how to properly apologize for their past actions. His clients include a father (Yutaka Takenouchi) who wants to apologize to his estranged daughter, an underwear company employee (Masaki Okada) who unwittingly causes a sexual harassment dilemma, and a movie producer (YoshiYoshi Arakawa) who sparks a potential international incident while filming overseas.

Mao Inoue co-stars as one of Kurojima’s most hopeless students, an aspiring judicial clerk named Noriko Kuramochi. Noriko recently moved back to Japan and accidentally crashed her car into a yakuza’s vehicle. Due to the expensive settlement and the fact that Noriko never learned how to properly show contrition due to her non-Japanese upbringing, Kurojima decides to take her on as his assistant.

“The Apology King” will premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal on August 4, 2013. It opens in Japan on September 28, 2013.

sources: Nippon Cinema | Official Website | Youtube

looking forward to this!
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