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Keito Okamoto (Hey! Say! JUMP) and Kasumi Arimura (Amachan) scooped by FRIDAY

☆Amachan idol Kasumi Arimura and Keito Okamoto (Hey! Say! JUMP)

SO SHE ISN'T A VIRGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE'VE BEEN TRICKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* (These aren't the pictures on FRIDAY (unconfirmed), but leaked by someone on 2chan)

So she was going out with a Johnny's talent...

LOL, you guys just declared by yourselves that she's a virgin! Don't say she betrayed you LOL

Romance scandals sure have been coming out for the Amachan cast members.
What will we do if this happens to the main one.. LOL

This guy's Kenichi Okamoto's son, right?
Wow, she's a winner then.

Bi+ch Arimura

This is why I hate Kansai girls

These tabloids just want to ride Amachan's popularity.
Ai Hashimoto-chan > Teppei > Arimura
But they see no traces of men with the money girl herself, Nounen-chan so they're just making ends meet with the supporting roles.

I'll cut my ties with these girls who are related to Johnny's talents and comedians.

This is the iron rule.

FRIDAY can't do scoops on AKB so they just go for Amachan

I bet all of them are aiming for Nounen-chan with utmost priority.
She's safe.

Hey! Say! JUMP and Kakari-naa LOL

But he's even one of the 'meh' members of Yutori Jump.
She must be after Kenichi Okamoto.

I don't think there's a problem if they're both young.
She didn't even claim that pure and clean image like miss "Niku BenKie" (literally "Flesh Toilet"), right?

It's hard to imagine that her first boyfriend is from Johnny's so she must have at least had 1 more boyfriend before this guy. Her fans probably can't believe anything anymore... maybe.

I searched for Keito Okamoto pictures, but he's ugly.
Why oh why with this guy...

Kasumi Arimura's type: Kengo Kora


It says here "kissing picture".
What did I tell you? She's not a virgin.

>> Looks like she's the 2nd coming of Niku BenKie
>> When it was Ai-chan, they said, "Amachan heroine's romance scandal!", then this time it's "Amachan actress". FRIDAY seems desperate in trying to make the readers think that it's Nounen.

Kasumi Arimura folder (4TB) deleted

I'll take a look at this and relax myself.
My bestfriend's dog. Cute eh?
He even sleeps with his eyes half open.
Keito Okamoto
Birthdate: April 1, 1993
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 175 cm
Feet size: 28 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Bloodtype: O
Vision: Left - 1.0, Right - 1.0
Place of birth: Osaka
Hometown: Tokyo
Academic Background: International school > Sophia University
Nicknames: Keiti-, Keito
Date of admission: Aug. 14, 2006
Reason for joining the agency: Talked to father about wanting to become like Takizawa after watching Takizawa Enbujo
Senpai you look up to the most: Kenichi Okamoto
Family: Kenichi Okamto (Father), Misha (Chihuahua)←←←←←←←←←←←←←←←
Favorite member: Ryosuke Yamada
Kouhai you get along with the most: Kento Nakajima

They've most likely done it a lot last Christmas.
So this girl's probably a lying bi+ch like Sashihara, huh.

But wait you guys. Do you really think there's a picture that's even more shocking than that smooch with the old man?

So it's alright with you guys if the kissing partner's an ikemen?

I wonder what Mr. Hey! Say! JUMP thinks about his girlfriend being tongued and tainted by that old man?

Ah, so she wrote best friend on her blog. So he isn't her boyfriend, but a mere f*ck buddy, huh. I feel relieved.

If they do it 1x a day.
It's been 8 months, so...
30 x 8 = 240. That's the computation of how many times they've probably done it.

Why did it have to be with this ugly Jani...

>> You can be popular just by being in Johnny's.
So those who want to be popular with the chicks, join Johnny's and have yourselves excavated by Johnny-san.

Seems like there's a need to compile Kasumi Arimura-chan's quotes where she implies that she's pure and clean.

These 2 never even worked together.
How did they meet?
Did Sashihara set them up?

But she's 20 right?
No problems then.

I never really liked her current character which was popular with these virgin worshippers so this is perfect for me. I found her appeal in the way she's been so conservative with her smiles.

Nounen's the best! Arimura was never even needed from the start!

So that means that Nao Matsushita-chan's the only virgin left among these Kansai-region actresses

>> If you think about that beauty of hers at her age... if she's a virgin, then she's a lesbian LOL

Yukie Nakama's the only one I can trust now

Even the young Johnny's had some class before.
Now they're all just small fry.

I'm going to switch over to Gouriki-chan then

>> No need to lower your standards that far

The guy's too ugly LOL
So she's fine with anyone who's in this "Johnny's" brand?

That's because Kasumin only has an eyesight of 0.02

She's not a virgin, but she pretended to be one.
Kasumi Kusomura kept on fooling us for 5 years.
I will never forgive you!

It's just you stupid ones who were fooled LOL

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