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Yuya Matsushita "Graduates" from Sony Epic and Starts His Own Label + New Album at the End of August

Hello,Yuuya here.

[SWEET LOVE] is finally out on 31/7. (It seems that it is out on iTunes at 0:00!)
I have already revealed this during my tour in January of this year. The single also contains [What are we?] that was composed and written by me, therefore please listen to it!

Because the worldly view of tracks and the songs are also great, the remix of SWEET LOVE is totally different from that of the original. Everyone please check it out as it is really cool!Also, this is an announcement to everyone.

I have graduated from Epic Records which had taken great care of me since my debut and launched my own label [Japanese Dream Records].
From now on I will deliver my music from here. (It will be through tunecore JAPAN).

Epic Records gave a chance to a 17 year-old me who could not do anything at all and gave me countless experience, to all the respected staff, my seniors (artistes) who have taken care of me, I am really, really grateful to all of you. For these five years, there are also many staff members that I have gotten along very well with and who have also came to my tours and events until now, to these staff from all places, I also express my gratitude.

After my contract expired last year at the end of the year, I was not able to release music immediately upon expiration. I am now finally able to release my new song.As I will be steadily creating works that my fans will love, please continue to support me! Also to all who have taken great care of me, I will give my best for my music and lives that I can repay all of you!

This is another piece of information for all my fans who have been waiting for the release.I WILL BE RELEASING A NEW ALBUM [musicoverdose] on 8/28. I was recording today and there are lots of great stuff that was done—-!
I will put in all my might to create songs to die for!

Please look forward to it~
As a strong blast to my album I will have a nationwide tour from 9/4, therefore everyone please check it out!

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It seems like he was dropped from Sony. Also, this explains his inactivity this year and the sudden release of Sweet Love as well last year his released of best albums. Now, it seems he will be releasing only digital format as his label is being back up by a digital distributor.

Thx to the mod who fixed this tag.
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