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2ch reactions to casting update of 2nd Rurouni Kenshin movie

Good casting

I wonder if Kamiki-kun can portray that pleasantly smiling yet crazy character? I'm excited!

It's just that Tatsuya Fujiwara isn't good (http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/07/tatsuya-fujiwara-to-play-makoto-shishio.html)

So we'll be able to see the anti-air gatotsu again, huh

Shishio-sama's just wrong

Then Gouriki will be playing Misao, right?

Use Jun Kaname

Kayo Sato would make a good Kamatari

>> I see.
But what if it's Ai Haruna?

>> Or how about actually putting Gouriki in there?

I saw the first one on TV the other day, but I found it boring.
It was so heavy, and the film generally looked too dark.

Most of these NTV movies are pretty dark.
That was also true for Yatterman and K-20.

>> The movie Kenshin's better off looking a bit dark.
And if you don't darken it, it'll be just like like cosplay.

They probably won't show the entire Juppongatana here.
They might just limit it to 3 or 4 main characters

Kamiki-kun 10 years ago fits my image perfectly though

I would have preferred it if Eita played Aoshi

>> Nah, Eita should play broom-head.
I would have wanted Kubozuka to play Shishio.

Iseya, huh. I wonder if he'll do Kaiten kenbu ___ ren

Ooooh, Kamiki was my only choice for Sōjirō so I'm happy with this

But Tatsuya Fujiwara's still playing Shishio.
This is the biggest problem here.

If it's just looks, Takeru Satoh's synchro-level with Kenshin is laughable

Don't use Tatsuya Fujiwara outside of Kaiji.
That extremely self-conscious ham actor.

>> Shishio-san's also full of himself and acts unnecessarily so it might actually be a good fit.
>> Seriously, Tatsuya Fujiwara really is a ham actor.

There's no need for Shishio to be an ikemen.
They should have made Teruyuki Kagawa play the role.

Shishio's just wrapped up in bandages so there's no need to see the face.
They should have used a better actor. You just can't feel that kind of insanity from Fujiwara.
Shishio's a crazy character after all.

My initial impression was that this was a horrible adaptation, but I actually changed my stance when I saw it a while back on TV.
Well, except the gatotsu.

The gatotsu pose was good.
If it just didn't bounce up like that at the next instant.
They should have made use of angles and CG for that part.

I think Iseya would have been better as Shishio.
No complaints whatsoever about Kamiki-kun.

Ever since the first time I saw Kamiki on TV, I thought that he looked like Sōjirō.

So Choi Hong Man will play Fuji?

It's not too late. Make Iseya play the part of Shishio.
Then make Fujiwara huge and let him play Fuji.

Who will be good as Hiko Seijuuro?

>> Tooru Nakamura
Kenji Sakaguchi

>> What about Hiroshi Abe?
His height, body, and acting to some extent. I think he'll be good.

Iseya's actually the one suited more as Shishio...

I don't care about the male characters.
Who's going to play Yumi-san?

Kamiki's perfect for the role, no complaints there.

Kamiki and Sato are both from Amuse.
Which means that Fukuyama might play Master Hiko, huh LOL

This gives me the goosebumps.
I'm sure the girls will come to see Sōjirō Kamiki and Kenshin Sato's battle to the death.

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