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Kitagawa Keiko & Fukada Kyoko as co-leads in movie "Roommate"; poster and trailer released

The poster and trailer for the movie "Roommate" starring Kitagawa Keiko and Fukada Kyoko have been released. In the poster, Kitagawa and Fukada are featured in two mirror images of themselves where the upside-down mirror image shows Kitagawa with an antagonistic look and Fukada with a fierce look filled with hatred in order to bring across the message that a woman's true self can be frightening.

The movie features Kitagawa as Harumi who gets hospitalised due to a traffic accident and becomes friends with a nurse Reiko which leads to them sharing an apartment after Harumi is discharged. However, Harumi soon realises that Reiko's actions are getting weirder and then develops into a murder case. Koura Kengo plays the role of Kudo Kensuke, the driver who accidentally knocked down Harumi and later becomes close to her.

"Roommate" will be shown in Japan from 9 November this year.

Here is the trailer of this movie:

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