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Anne Nakamura: "Minami Minegishi's ugly! You call this an idol!?"

Anne Nakamura (25) has generated some buzz thanks to her quotes about AKB48's Minami Minegishi on NTV's Konya kurabetemimashita last July 31.

In the episode, they featured the "Women who are in their make-or-break year Special", and the guests were Nakamura, Minegishi, and Keiko Enoue of Niche. Nakamura was introduced as "the most dangerous woman in showbiz", and commented, "This is my make-or-break year", with enthusiasm.

When they were talking about "The day of their biggest loss in life", Minegishi confessed that it was the day she went bald.

Minegishi said, "It's been about half a year (from the incident), and most of my hair has grown back", to which Nakamura replied, "You look cuter than before". She then continues, "Previously, I was like, 'Ahhhh~~~", (this is an) idol!?", which stirred the studio up.

Enoue and Minegishi were in a heated discussion when Enoue said, "There was a time when people were telling me we (she and Minegishi) look alike", to which Minegishi says, "Oh, people always say that I look like the ugly ones like Kaoru Yahata-san and Enoue-san".

Nakamura then shocked Minegishi by telling Enoue, "It's alright. An ugly girl (Minegishi) is calling you ugly anyway".

Even the host, Football Hour's Terumoto Gotō said, "Oh no". Other than this, Nakamura boldly stated that, "I can't make a living just by being a model". "I joined a fashion show with a broken front tooth". "My target is SHELLY-san. I'll trample her down".

Nakamura also previously guested on TBS' Arita to Yarashii hitobito in June, where she commented, "I think that there's a very huge opening right now. A huge opening, within the wipe. I think it'll be important to come slide into that slot", referring to Mari Yaguchi's vacated position on the show. People will be looking out for more of her as she slowly raises her popularity with her frank quotes.

That's the truth LOL

Yup, that's the truth LOL

She is ugly

Can you still call Minegishi ugly after seeing these pictures?

>> Sickeningly ugly
>> I can hit the face of someone with my fist if she's as ugly as this

It's the truth so it can't be helped

She should've sugar-coated it a bit more.
It's like throwing a 99mph fastball.

It's the truth, but this Nakamura model is also an oddball herself. It'll be impossible for her to take SHELLY down.

Nah, I think this is scripted already.
She'd just be seen as a jerk if she kept on saying "ugly, ugly" on camera like that without even meeting beforehand.

She says the truth, but this model is such a delinquent

Can you still call a short-haired Minegishi ugly after seeing these pictures?

>> How fugly...
>> Grotesque warning

True that Minegishi is bad, but this Anne Nakamura girl seems to have this bad air about her

It's Akimoto's fault for putting price tags on these plain rocks

They just made the script funny for the show www It's so obvious www

Saying ugly all the time is like bullying. Stop it already.

This Anne Nakamura girl is good friends with the footballer Maya Yoshida, right?
So these football players really like models, huh.

>> Maya Yoshida married his long-time commoner girlfriend. It was this girl who broadcasted it all the time on TV once Yoshida became popular. She's like the model version of Serina.

Even when an ugly one tries to cover it up with makeup, her ugliness will show in 3D.

That's too direct

True, she is ugly, but is she trying to gain popularity through negative press?
Do as you please.

But she's cute

>> I want to stick my finger up her nose and slap her back and forth

Even porn actresses are on this level. It kind of feels weird calling people like Minegishi and Sashihara idols.
Sorry to the AKB wotas though.

But isn't she in AKB's "ugly character" slot?
She does have a distinctive face so she is suited for showbiz.

Anyway, what's so good about Minegishi and why does she get to appear on TV a lot?
She's totally ugly and she's not even interesting.

>> Among AKB, she can carry discussions well so there's been some demand for her now that Sashihara's become so busy.

Ah, the one who went bald.

This is the peak of that mom in Amachan. This is what you call an idol.

Minegishi: "Oh, people always say that I look like the ugly ones like Kaoru Yahata-san and Enoue-san."

Nakamura: "It's alright. An ugly girl (Minegishi) is calling you ugly anyway".

Nakamura just probably felt, "Don't get so full of yourself now", after hearing what Minegishi initially said.

>> So Minegishi also has an ugly personality

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