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Saito Kazuyoshi to sing theme song for movie "Kiyoku Yawaku" + Full Trailer


Saito Kazuyoshi will be singing the theme song for movie "Kiyoku Yawaku" which features Nagasawa Masami and Okada Masaki and is due to be shown in Japan from 26 October. The song titled "Kagerou" was specially written for the movie. Nagasawa plays the role of Kanna who lost her childhood friend Haruta (Koura Kengo) due to a traffic accident during the summer of her first year in senior high school and finds herself unable to move on from the blow until she meets Riku (Okada) who had a similar experience in the past and they start to get closer.

Saito who made his major debut in 1993, achieved a breakthrough in his career when his song "Yasashiku Naritai" was used as the theme song of popular drama "Kaseifu no Mita". Upon receiving the invitation to sing the theme song for this movie, Saito read the entire manga which was a first time time for him since he never read shoujo manga before. He was touched by the depth of the story and how people recover from the loss of important things in their lives so he hope that the song can convey the message in the story. The CD release date of the song is undecided as yet but will be available for download via Chaku Uta and iTunes from 3 August. It will also be available for viewing via Toho's YouTube channel.

sources: Dorama World | Youtube | Eiga.com
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