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Trailer for "The Extreme Sukiyaki" starring Ping Pong's Arata Iura and Yosuke Kubozuka

The Japanese movie news website Cinema Today has uploaded a trailer for The Extreme Sukiyaki to their YouTube channel.

The film marks the directorial debut of novelist Shiro Maeda, who also wrote the original novel on which it’s based and penned the screenplay. Maeda has quickly made a name for himself in the literary world, having won the Yukio Mishima Prize, Galaxy Award, and a nomination for the 2005 Noma Literary New Face Prize. His past film work includes adapting the screenplay for his own novel A Honeymoon in Hell: Mr. & Mrs. Oki’s Fabulous Trip, writing and adapting the the stage play which inspired Isn’t Anyone Alive?, and adapting the screenplay of The Story of Yonosuke.

In the new film, Arata Iura and Yosuke Kubozuka—who last co-starred together in the 2002 comedy Ping Pong—play former college buddies Horaguchi and Okawa. After being apart for 15 years, the pair suddenly reunite on a whim and attempt to resume the friendship by planning a trip together. Meanwhile, Okawa’s live-in girlfriend Kaede (Kana Kurashina) and Horaguchi’s ex Kyoko (Mikako Ichikawa) get roped into joining them. Soon, the four head off on a trip together with the goal of sharing sukiyaki by the sea.

“The Extreme Sukiyaki” will be released by Suurkiitos in Japan on November 23, 2013. Nikkatsu is handling international distribution.

source: Nippon Cinema | Cinema Today | Youtube
This looks sooo awesome!
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