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Watanabe Mayu got kicked in her head stir colorful internet reactions

Yesterday was a tough day for AKB fans. Yes, we're talking about Japanese TV that aired public bullying on female idol in Japanese prime time show.
On this crazy event, there are wide range of reactions. Some are from fans, and some are non-fans who have some say on the issue. Some extreme fans got so angry that they even sent death threat to the comedian who kicked Watanabe Mayu’s head. Simply put, this has generated sorta of a little social discussion on the net.
As usual, in our post, we would like to introduce reactions from Japanese fans, but before messing with the colorful reactions, you may want to know what Mayuyu herself said about the incident.
One days after the TV broadcast, Mayuyu addressed a following statement on her blog:
Good evening everyone!
Yesterdays “27 hour TV” was a great funーヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
I kind of felt like it helped me discover a brand new perspective on life LOL
Please don’t worry. I’m totally fine! But thank you for your concern.

This is gonna be the most memorable event of this summer (^o^)
Pretty much mature comment as expected from Mayuyu, isn't it? But the fact that she had to write this calm down fans is the solid proof that there was huge backlash.

What are people’s reactions?
Some of hardcore fans gets on twitter and cursed at Kato* in very strong words like “Kato Koji*, I must kill you.” or “Kato, if you would do the same thing on XX (← put whatever name of members), I would chop off your head!!” There are a few who were even more fierce. Some think that whoever the person is it’s a very bad thing to kick someone’s head, thus this is not AKB-specific issue.
*the very man who kicked Watanabe Mayu in her head. He used to be a part of comedian due Gokuraku Tombo (Hobo Fireflies). After one part of the duo was arrested for sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl by making her drunk, he’s been in the scene solo.
Following the broadcast of Otosan’s segment, upon hearing from staffs that the TV station received many protests, Okamura Takashi, one half of comedian duo “99″, the main host of Mechaike, addressed that it was supposed to be a funny stuff, and no harm is intended, Kato is feeling let down at backstage, so please forgive him.”

photo: Fans screaming a curse to Kato Koji on twitter. Do you really need translation for these somewhat mantra like tweets? Well, “死ね” means “Go to hell” while “殺す” means “Kill you”. So you may think they are more like internet psychopath rather than just angry fans. But maybe it’s not. Japanese, unlike English, use these two straightforward words quite often when you curse someone, and they usually don't mean a person has a serious intention to kill someone. Thus, translating these into more general strong swear words like “Fuck you motherfucker” seems more correct for me personally.

Opinion 1: You're too sensitive if you were upset when watching the show
Why you people get so sensitive to “Variety” shows? Like when Itano acting sneaky or Kintaro’s parody of Maeda Atsuko, they're all supposed to be humorous, and people like you, who lack sense of humor at a dangerous level are spoiling a party time.

Please control your emotion!
Mayuyu’s future is in TV station executives hands. If they think AKB fans are too sensitive that it’s too risky to cast AKB members, especially Mayuyu in variety shows, she’ll be done. You're killing your beloved members future by your own hands.

FujiTV: “We may better avoid casting Mayuyu for our hilarious shows. Sashihara is the best and safest after all.”

Opinion 2: Mayuyu is awesome!! I've become a fan of her!

Please don't ruin an opportunity for Mayuyu. Why you can't understand it’s none other than Mayuyu who gets hurt when her fans are resented at the show’s depiction.

it was a winning moment for Mayuyu.
She is tougher than you think, and if you call the show crazy, boy, you HAVE TO BE A LITTLE CRAZY TO WIN.
I've become a fan of her.

I don't know whether the kicking scene was scripted or not, but Mayuyu was trying her best to make show fun. And it was fun at least for me.
The show convinced me that Mayuyu is no longer an awkward girl, which she used to be in variety shows and hilarious wacky skits!
Sad thing is her fans are screaming complaints and trying to ruin her opportunity to broaden her forte.

Opinion 3: Man kicking woman in her head is not funny at all. It’s understandable some fans get really mad, but they shouldn’t take it too far

Okamoto Takashi (99): ” We just wanted make the world laugh….”
Yabe Hiroyuki (99): “Please forgive Kato Koji. He feels deeply sorry for fans.”
Kicking a young girl in her head is their way to make world laugh? They ARE crazy!!

Phew…. Well, I think they went too far…. that’s for sure….

It was obviously Kato’s mistake.
He should have just faked a kick, and that was enough to the avoid awkward situation.
So they said he accidentally kicked her head? Good lord, how unprofessional he is…

You know, you crossed a line when you send a death threat. Instead, you should file complaints to sponsors of the TV station.

As many of you, I have a hard time to understand their idea of “humor”.
Violence is no fun.
It seems they have a serious misunderstanding about humanity.
Oh and forcing girls to drink raw eggs are not funny either.

Maybe crazy mood of live broadcasting for 27 hours straight made Kato get too high.

Opinion 4: Respect the tradition

Holy crap, this is the way Japanese comedy show has been for ages.

It’s not cool to send complaint on Bakuretsu Otosan (Dad furious-as-bomb, the title of the skit).
It’s been like this for like 20 years.

Opinion 5: If Kato doesn’t want someone to stomp on his daughter’s head, he shouldn't do it to others, too

There are other members that Kato stomped on their heads.
Kato, do it to your own daughter in a public place!

Opinion 6: I love Sasshi

“If you punch my friends face, I'll burn your house.”
AKB48 members may not have any chance to retaliate against Kato, and she nailed probably the only chance to do it. Slapped him for three times and stomped his head. one word for her, Bravo!

Opinion 7: I feel nauseated

Kawaei even got stomped on her head. I felt I was gonna vomit…

Opinion 8: AKB is PR face for anti–bullying campaign. For goodness’s sake, why they're in the show that potentially promoting domestic violence?

Opinion 9: It was dangerous. Mayuyu seemed she didn't expect he was going to kick her head

Opinion 10: I’m not a AKB48 fan but my humanity tells me it’s wrong to kick someone in her head

I don’t care about AKB48′s future, I'm not even a fan of AKB48. I just see this an opportunity to extinct all violence in mainstream media. Many of the supporters for Kato seems to rely on a theory that you can choose not to watch the show if you hate it, so don't watch it if it makes you frustrated. But when they does it on prime time show of one of the country’s biggest TV station, hits theory is no longer valid.

I understand (Japanese) AKB fans are gross, but we shouldn't obscure the point by labeling them as pathetic fans who have no life. When you actually pay attention to them, the point they are trying to make is no human deserves to get kicked in her head, even if there’s a mutual consent.

Opinion 11: Those who allegedly sent death threats to the comedian are Sasshi fans but not Mayuyu fans. In fact, Mayuyu fans are pretty happy about this.
Those who are trying to add oil to the fire is Anti Mayu and Hello Project fans.
Just take a look at fan thread for Mayu. Everyone is glad that Mayu finally proved that she has developed a “variety show” skill.

You gotta need to think hard about the reason why her agency Ogi accepted to cast her in this show.
And please calm down. The more this backlash lasts, the more trouble her agency and Mayuyu herself have to deal with.

Mayuyu was ordered to rub his ass. She rejected, which made Otosan an angry dad, and ended up being punished with his giant swing. She kneeled down and thanked him for the maneuver, and he kicked her head.

Opinion 12: Kato didn't kick her head. He just pushed her head with the sole of his foot. Nothing wrong with the show and Kato

Oshima Yuko’s smile when she was bullied was so cute.
If you look closely, Kato didn't hit Mayuyu with the top of the foot.
He just pushed her face with soft palm of his foot.
By the way, I would like to thank you to female comedians who let Mayuyu taste their butts. Her “Butt tasting contest” was so hilarious!
I heard some fans committed death threats to the comedian, but we shouldn’t take it for granted that these are committed by AKB fans.
Maybe they just want to create scandalous sensation for pleasure?
I've been constantly receiving blackmails, and the senders claim themselves as Sashihara Wota. But how do you tell if they're actually Sashihara Wota or Anti Yoshirin or internet right-wing extremist or people who commit a crime for pleasure.
For losers, internet is the only place to interact with others, thus you shouldn't take online voices seriously anyway.

Interesting why the blackmailers pretend to be Sashihara Wota.
Come to think of it, there’s a scene in Anime 0048 where Sashihara Wota blackmail members. So maybe that’s how people see Sashihara Wota?

And the final judge!!
Here it is! Average viewers rating of “FNS 27 hours TV, Women’s Power all the way, in 2013, women’s smiles make a better future” is….. 9.8%!! 10.0% is the worst number of 27 years history of the show!

basically the name of the show’s segment “Bakuretsu Otosan” is indicating that this shows project very anachronistic image of Asian/Japanese dad, who is hothead and a dominant husband. You know what I mean…. it’s an anarcho-extreme satirical skit. And expected reaction of viewers is to feel really bad for girls but anyway laugh so hard. Understandably it’s hard to know for sure where to draw the line so the satirical skit becomes way too retarded.

Sources: http://www.akb48wrapup.com/2013/08/watanabe-mayu-got-kicked-in-her-head-stir-colorful-internet-reactions/
Full footage: http://video.fc2.com/content/20130803wfH3YDak/
Related article:http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/08/05/die-die-die-die-die-die-die-die-fans-rage-after-variety-show-host-kicks-akb48-starlet/
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