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MomoClo, Morning Musume, Nogizaka46, Sexy Zone, Kis-My-Ft2 bashed after performing at FNS

Since producer Shin Kikuchi declared that this year's "FNS uta no natsu matsuri" will not be tolerating lip-syncing, almost all participants sang live. But a lot of fans have also been saying, "If this is the outcome, then they should have lip-synced instead".

This was first voiced out when Momoiro Clover Z performed with miwa.
"MomoClo's getting in the way www"
"They're totally drowning out miwa's singing."
"They're horrible."

MomoClo also performed the classic "Cosmos" (Momoe Yamaguchi) with Masashi Sada later in the program.
"This singing level... Aplogize! Apologize to Momoe-chan!!"
"MomoClo's singing way out of tune, it feels like Masashi Sada's undergoing torture."

This was also true for Morning Musume who performed "Help me!!" and "Love Machine".
"Eh! So the current generation of Morning Musume is this bad at singing?"
"Is this an amateur singing contest?"

About Nogizaka46 who sang "Oide Shampoo":
"They're so bad, right? wwwwwww"
"It's like a school festival performance."

About Sexy Zone who performed "Sexy Summer ni yuki ga furu":
"Practice singing first WWWWWW"
"The singing is so bad, it's not sexy at all."

About Kis-My-Ft2 who sang "Donna toki mo" with Noriyuki Makihara:
"Makihara's beautiful voice is being obliterated by Kis-My."
"LOLing at the difference in their singing abilities."

But there are still people who commend them for singing live, which has even led to some celebrities such as Chiaki to comment:"I don't consider the ones lip-syncing as singers. From an aspiring singer".

Can't be helped, this is how Japan's music industry is right now.

They're not singers wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

They were singing "Cosmos" when I turned on the TV, but it was really terrifying.
I immediately changed the channel.

But miwa isn't good herself ww
>> She's good
>> Her collaboration with Izumi Sakaki was nice

I was actually disappointed that Tomomi Kahara was actually pretty decent

Sexy Zone
SMAP's solo

were the worst 3.

>> So you didn't watch Yamapi?

KimuTaku was better than expected, I changed my opinion of him.
>> Well, he is widely considered "the best singer in SMAP"

MomoClo was terrible.
Don't include Morning Musume and Nogizaka.
Morning Musume's singing and dancing were better than it used to be, while Nogizaka was able to sing that well despite them being a part of the AKB group. Don't just go spreading the fire towards the other idols just because MomoClo was horrible. The one who wrote this article must've been a MomoClo wota.

>> I agree, I didn't know anything but I was really surprised at how bad MomoClo was

Kyary lip-synced.
Nakai lip-synced too.

MomoClo was terrible, I couldn't remember anything else

Sada Masashi x Momoiro Clover Z "Cosmos"

Broadcasting accident

>> wwwwwwwww
That's horrible

>> She must've practiced on karaoke and thought that she could do well even if she sang it live
>> The comments of her worshippers are extremely gross

I actually like the concept of this program.
You don't get to see this everyday, so these performances are actually pretty valuable.
I think the ones who participated are good even if they disgraced themselves, while I think that the ones who don't want to participate are just running away.

MomoClo should do something about the way they sing before people call them horrible. It's just plain disgusting.
>> MomoClo's pink should make good use of her athleticism and become a back-up dancer

Nogizaka46 "Oide Shampoo"

They probably thought MomoClo would be good at collaborating since they sing so happily and full of energy.
But that's it.
They were just ridiculed in public.

Tomohisa Yamashita x Magokoro Brothers "Summer Nude"

I'm fine with collaborations, as long as they pair the bad ones with the other bad ones.
Everything will be settled once they collaborate idols with other idols.

SMAP too.
There were a lot of performances where it would've been better off with just their collaboration partners.

I won't say that Seiko Matsuda never lip-synced, but I do think that she sings live whenever I watch her videos.
There's this distinct vibration in one's voice when you sing live, and she basically has that. But there's no proof that they recorded the live singing prior to that and they're just playing that.


Don't laugh at her groupies w
>> I feel relieved that the lineage of otakus are still alive up to this day
>> Groupies wwwwwwwwwwwwww

No, no, don't expect anything from the live singing of idols these days
>> And that's why their being talked about like this because their bad singing is beyond the imagination

Sexy Zone was the only Johnny's group who sang live from beginning to end

>> That's not as bad as everyone claims it to be
>> That's like an amateur singing on karaoke

MomoClo's performance was normal. When I watched the digital recording, I thought it was decent.
It might have also been because of the bad reverb adjustments due to live singing.

But more than that, I was more concerned about the guy from EXILE who sang Ozaki's "Shelly" so bad.
And why isn't SMAP being bashed?

>> Atsushi, right? He's become bad at singing when he lost weight because of a lower lung capacity and volume. I think that worked against him.

MomoClo were treated like the main stars this time

It was so funny how Sada also couldn't sing in pitch properly after being influenced so much by MomoClo

But live singing is much, much better.
They really shouldn't be letting the ones who lip-sync perform at all.

Nogizaka's live singing in one Fuji program wasn't bad though

These Morning Musume girls seem to be taught to sing in the same way as the head honcho Tsunku.
In that they sound like they strain the end of the phrases.
Well, it's much better though than AKB who just lip-sync and show off their panties.

Today's episode of Amachan dissed lip-syncing and autotune so hard
>> This was amazing.. This might cause them some trouble later on LOL

Do these idol groups ever conduct voice training?

Ayaka Hirahara and Nana Mizuki "jupitar"

This was also public execution. Hirahara's amazingly consistent.
>> Mizuki's also a pretty good singer, but it can't be helped since this is her partner's song.
But even still, the difference was pretty evident.

Among the idols, Shokotan was the only one who sang decently
>> E-girls was also good

MoMusu and Nogizaka's performances were normal.
The bar is set too high.
I think the production side is hugely at fault for MomoClo.

Yutaka Ozaki live. Now this is what you call singing.

>> No one should be singing his songs.
This guy just has an amazing presence.

>> But he's drugged www

People are dissing MomoClo but "Cosmos" was Sada-san's request.
This is actually their 3rd time performing together.

>> Seriously?
Sada-san must really be crazy.

>> So they've performed 3x already and are still committing broadcasting accidents...?
They should disappear already for the sake of the music industry.
Did they do pillow favors for Kikuchi?

True, it was terrible but they should still let people sing live since it makes the live chats and broadcasting forums more active.

But everyone around me absolutely hated Yamashita's "Summer Nude" number, wasn't that the case?
>> Everyone who was bad was generally hated

Morning Musume's and MomoClo's concert videos actually sound better. Do they lip-sync there?
>> They're using a ton of reverb at concerts, then they fix it when they make a soft copy of it.
This is true for everyone, not just idols.

But MomoClo was able to sing their own song properly.
Don't put them in the same category as Nogizaka who weren't even able to sing their own song well.
Even A-rin's "Cosmos" has this nice flavor to it when you listen to it.

>> Now that you mention it, it's true that they did sing their own song decently.
>> I saw the video, but Masashi Sada had a wry smile on his face.
No way.

The shi++iest performance at this FNS was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, without a doubt.
No collaborations and she lip-synced both songs.
Why the heck did she perform? It must have been because au was one of the show's sponsors, but they shouldn't be including the ones who are going against the program's direction.

>> True, that was really bad
>> Right.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was the biggest turn-off.
It was so boring since it was just the same as usual.

FNS うたの夏まつり2013 E-girls - Follow Me

Idols who haven't even reached this level shouldn't be on TV

I think this will lead to people like Mari Hamada receiving proper recognition
>> But she's already been receiving proper recognition since before.
They should have maintained the quality since it is a music program.
This isn't an amateur karaoke tournament.

>> But Hamada's had trouble with her label and was frozen out

This idol bubble will eventually burst, but I can't wait for it to come any sooner.
I hate AKB and MomoClo.

Makihara was good.
He really is a good singer.

Why was Kyary's lip-syncing forgiven?
>> There seems to be a trend where she's not allowed to be bashed.
It's so scary.

In the meantime, professional singers were like operating on autopilot, they really are amazing.

Because Johnny's has to be in these programs no matter what.
And by putting other idols in the mix, then this push for Johnny's won't seem so obvious.

If they thought about holding the program together with only the ones who can sing well live, then Tamaoki will die from being overworked LOL

* The King of freedom
Koji Tamaoki

* Fighting spirit award
Masashi Sada, Demon Kakka, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Mari Hamada, Tomomi Kahara, TM Nishikawa, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Ken Yokoyama and Akiko Wada, Izumi Tachibana and miwa

* Quit already
Yama-P (Summer Nude), MomoClo (Everything including Cosmos), Atsushi (Shelly), Kiss-My (Donna toki mo), Shinji Takeda (Zurui Onna), Nogizaka (So Young), Nana Mizuki (Jupitar), Ayumi Hamasaki (Medley), SMAP, Host Kusanagi, FNS

>> The one with Koji Tamaoki and Tsunku, if Tamaoki was only more serious in that one, it would have been really good.

It was good since even Johnny's sang properly.
I want to hear them again.

Onyanko were probably lip-syncing too

I'm not expecting anything out of idols.
Idols shouldn't be paired up with singers.
It was horrible when MomoClo was paired up with a singer.

The female singers whom Sada Masashi ask to sing "Cosmos" tend to mess up.
Sada Masashi must really be a sadist.

It's bad enough for them to sing, let alone sing other people's songs.
There are also times when a good singer would sound off when singing other people's songs.

Come to think of it, Gouriki didn't perform... Too bad.

Sources: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/mnewsplus/1375437712/
Tags: japanese netizens, kis-my-ft2, miwa, momoiro clover, nogizaka46, sexy zone, smap, tv: music show, yamapi

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