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MomoClo, Morning Musume, Nogizaka46, Sexy Zone, Kis-My-Ft2 bashed after performing at FNS

Since producer Shin Kikuchi declared that this year's "FNS uta no natsu matsuri" will not be tolerating lip-syncing, almost all participants sang live. But a lot of fans have also been saying, "If this is the outcome, then they should have lip-synced instead".

This was first voiced out when Momoiro Clover Z performed with miwa.
"MomoClo's getting in the way www"
"They're totally drowning out miwa's singing."
"They're horrible."

MomoClo also performed the classic "Cosmos" (Momoe Yamaguchi) with Masashi Sada later in the program.
"This singing level... Aplogize! Apologize to Momoe-chan!!"
"MomoClo's singing way out of tune, it feels like Masashi Sada's undergoing torture."

This was also true for Morning Musume who performed "Help me!!" and "Love Machine".
"Eh! So the current generation of Morning Musume is this bad at singing?"
"Is this an amateur singing contest?"

About Nogizaka46 who sang "Oide Shampoo":
"They're so bad, right? wwwwwww"
"It's like a school festival performance."

About Sexy Zone who performed "Sexy Summer ni yuki ga furu":
"Practice singing first WWWWWW"
"The singing is so bad, it's not sexy at all."

About Kis-My-Ft2 who sang "Donna toki mo" with Noriyuki Makihara:
"Makihara's beautiful voice is being obliterated by Kis-My."
"LOLing at the difference in their singing abilities."

But there are still people who commend them for singing live, which has even led to some celebrities such as Chiaki to comment:"I don't consider the ones lip-syncing as singers. From an aspiring singer".
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Sources: http://awabi.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/mnewsplus/1375437712/
Tags: japanese netizens, kis-my-ft2, miwa, momoiro clover, nogizaka46, sexy zone, smap, tv: music show, yamapi

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