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Top 10 Hobbies Even A Hot Guy Won’t Be Forgiven

A survey revealing 50% of Japanese women quizzed believed that there are interests which disbar even a hot guy from romantic consideration – and that all of the most despised of these relate to anime, managing to displace even the likes of “lolicon,” “prostitution” and “gambling” from the top spots – has been inflaming opinion online as usual.

The ranking, with comments from the several hundred females surveyed:

1. Anime
“It just has always had a strong association with ‘otaku’ so it’s totally unacceptable.” – 34-year-old woman

“I don’t normally watch anime so I can’t imagine we could have anything to talk about. Even if he was hot, if we have nothing to talk about…” – 26-year-old woman

“This just leaves a childish impression.” – 24-year-old woman

2. Bishoujo figures
“You’d just be grossed out to go in a hot guy’s room and see he has figures of girls in there!” – 25-year-old woman

“If he likes anime or whatever I guess that’s OK, but it’s creepy to display figures like that.” – 27-year-old woman

3. Gambling
“Guys into betting may well be in debt.” – 29-year-old woman

4. Idols
“If he weren’t spending that much on it I could live with it, but these guys have a reputation for endlessly spending their money on this stuff…” 23-year-old woman

“You can’t help but think any guy who likes idols is an Akiba-type.” – 24-year-old woman

5. Lolicon
“I’m not going with anyone with special sexual fetishes.” – 26-year-old woman

“Even if he isn’t doing anything suspect, this is just incomprehensible!” – 30-year-old woman

6. Crossdressing
“Even a hot guy is out if he’s into this stuff!” – 32-year-old

7. Porn collecting
“If he has a few books I don’t care, but if he had a lot it is gross!” – 26-year-old woman

8. Trains
“I’ve heard these people spend money on train sets and photography. And a lot of them are very passionate about their interests.” – 29-year-old woman

9. Insect collecting
“Keeping and rearing insects is just gross!” – 25-year-old woman

10. Prostitution
“Sometimes there are guys who treat this as a hobby, but I can’t tolerate it!” – 30-year-old woman

Aside from the obvious question of how the results would have differed had the word “hot” been replaced with “rich,” the loathing with which many Japanese women single out otaku-related hobbies has many men on the defensive:

“They really hate anime more than gambling? Seriously now?”

“Since when are prostitutes a hobby?”

“Who even cares what hobbies bother some 34-year-old woman.”

“And isn’t lolicon a sexual disposition rather than an interest or hobby?”

“Glad I’m not a hoy guy. Let me get back to watching anime now.”

“Honestly, how can any woman really be more bothered about a hot guy being interested in trains or beetles than him frequenting brothels all the time?”

“What is wrong with catching insects!”

“There is unexpected toleration for lolicon… and anime is really worse than this?”

“Can it you old hags. Young women these days are all watching anime.”

“Sorry, I have figures on display and I like anime.”

“BBAs are below these hobbies anyway.”

“Figures are out, lucky I only have dakimakura isn’t it!”

“They are just insulting hobbies they refuse to accept. If they were confronted with Gackt’s love of Gundam they would soon change their tune.”

“Gaming isn’t in there for some reason…”

“Apart from eroge and MMO obsessives everyone plays games these days.”

“Blame smartphone casual games.”

“Even with no offensive hobbies an ugly guy has no chance.”

“Even with girls, someone with no otaku-type interests is bound to be boring to talk to.”

“3D can go to hell.”

“I’m just glad I’m ugly so none of this applies to me!”

“Conclusion: 2D >>> 3D”

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