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NMB48 Yamamoto Sayaka denies rumor that she is dating ONE OK ROCK vocalist Takahiro

Earlier today, gossip magazine Cyzo reported that 20-year old leader of Osaka-based idol group NMB48, Yamamoto Sayaka, has been dating the man since the beginning of this year. “Yamamoto has been hanging out with her musician friends and the friend introduced Takahiro to her. Source even said their mutual friend revealed that Takahiro boasted that he got laid with Yamamoto at their second date”, a journalist who works at tabloid paper company told the mag.
However, Yamamoto Sayaka took to Google Plus soon after the news was published online to shoot down the hectic romance rumors herself.

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"My jaw dropped when I first saw the news(°_°)
Me, in a romantic relationship!?
Let me make it clear.
This is not true!!
I haven’t met with ONE OK ROCK and Mr.Takahiro, let alone talking with them.
I have no clue how this rumor came into creation because I have no connection with him…
And it’s disappointing to see scandal joke comments (´・_・`)
But maybe this is an indication that I’ve getting famous (^^)?
I’m sorry for all this fuss. I just don’t let you be misunderstood (`_´)ゞ,” ”
I told staffs about this news when it reached me.
And although they advised me just to ignore it and I agreed them, I couldn’t just let it pass (~_~;)!!
Dear staffs, I’m sorry (~O~;), but to me, now is important (^-^)"

Sayanee denying dating rumor made headlines of various online news sites including Oricon Style

J-Fan Reactions:
As expected of Sayanee, the pride of Namba! You know, hat off to our princess….

As we expected-fans are expecting that Sayanee will probably come out and publicly address something about the rumor-she neither let others deal with the news nor pretend nothing happened!!

What’s interesting about Namba’s adult members is when scandalous rumor comes up, they fix a misperception themselves by explaining to fans directly .

What a fast response!

Keeping silence is equal to giving a silence approval, thus better to deny it as soon as possible!

Cyzo needs to learn the basics from Bunshun. If you want to report scandal, present solid evidence, like photos!
Thanks to Cyzo’s article, I learned former member of Johnny’s band “NEWS” is now a member of rock band, but that’s about it.

Denying scandal reports from as questionable source as Cyzo makes people believe more plausible scandal when they don’t deny it….

It depends on kind of news it is. If it’s so ridiculous that nobody takes seriously, she can just brush it off, but I think this time, the report is so specific that it my have done harm her reputation if she didn’t take any action.
No matter how suspicious a scandal rumor is, it’s always better to have official statement -be it denial or confirmation- than keeping mouth shut.

Yuihan: “Please offer her an apology.”

The only thing One Ok Rock and Sayanee share in common is both are on my iPod.


I don't have any intention to post this article here in arama but there is an article here mentioning Sayanee's scandal so I post it here because this is a direct response from the accused celeb. BTW for those who didn't know; Cyzo is also the magazine/tabloid who published the article about Ryutaro Morimoto's dating scandal which doesn't have any evidences and the information is very very questionable ONLY IDIOTS WILL BELIEVE IN THESE RUMORS
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