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Kasumi Arimura apologizes for her leaked FRIDAY pictures

Kasumi Arimura updated her blog on the 7th with the title: "To everyone".
"I would like to apologize for causing so much trouble this time."
"I felt like voicing out my own thoughts after reading everyone's comments."
"I have given thought once again as to what I wanted to do, and what I want the other people to recognize me for; and that is acting."
"Moving forward, I would like to give more than 100% in everything that I do and strive to leave behind results."
"1 year, 2 years, 3 years from now... I hope to show everyone my progress. I hope everyone can stand by me as I try to achieve my goals. Thank you everyone, and best regards."

It's heaven and hell for her. She should have just stuck it out with Amachan.

There's no need for her to apologize.
She should just show everyone various aspects of her acting.
That will be enough.

Go nude already

>> I can't believe she had a deep kiss with this gramps

I don't understand why people have to apologize for falling in love with someone.
It's not like she brought an in-between man with her back home.

She's 20 already, right?
She's not an idol so she's free to have a relationship.

This is without a doubt the most important phase in her life, she must have thought carefully about it.

I don't know if it's her maiden-like character, her transparency, or her pleasantness, but girls like this get the biggest backlash.

It's not like we're saying that she shouldn't have a relationship.
We just want her to concentrate at this time when it's her chance to grab that huge break of hers.
She's just too careless at this time when she's playing a sub-heroine in a morning drama.

>> The leaked pictures were actually taken even before the drama started.
No one probably would have imagined Amachan to be this huge of a hit so it was already beyond control.

I really don't get who they're apologizing to in scandals like this
>> This is a special case.
I think it's more of an apology to the fans of the Okamoto family's son instead of her small fanbase.
Her agency gives strong restrictions to these young actresses who have yet to return the investments the agency has made (no romantic relationships until you're on the level of Hirosue when the boom settled, and Erika Toda).
And that's why the manager writes an apology letter to Okamoto, distancing themselves from him.
They'll just deal with their own fans later.
Because in the showbiz world, you won't be able to receive proper jobs once Johnny's becomes your enemy.

Both Hashimoto and Arimura are fools.
They don't understand a thing.
They don't know how difficult it is to grab onto that chance they're given.

You guys were so cold against Kie Kitano, but why are you so kind to her www
That's crazy LOL

I wonder who leaked this news?
They're both talents so I don't think that this would come from either camp.

She's cute, but she never had that pure and clean image attached to her in the first place.
There's no need to apologize.

>> Most of the general public got to know her from Amachan which associates her with that pure and clean image.

If it wasn't for this scandal, she could have become Gakky and Horikita's proper successor

And the biggest let-down here is that she was with a Johnny's talent

Such a waste, she could have cemented a proper position if she just endured for another 1 or 2 years.

Why did she have to apologize?
Since she's already playing the role of a young Kyoko Koizumi, then she should also take her life as an example.
She never even hid from the public when she was scooped as she was coming out of the Checker's younger brother's house.
She never made excuses, and went on with life gallantly.

>> But that was already past her peak
>> She dated the younger brother in order to get revenge against Fumiya who ran away.
She showed off to spite him.

They won't be able to get married even if they date these Johnny's talents. Nothing good will come out of it.

She even kissed this old man in a drama. There's no need to apologize.

Luck just isn't by her side

It was actually the first time I saw Arimura because of this scandal, but she's really cute!

I feel bad for her. It seems that she was even used by the 2nd generation of Mr. Ugly for his own rise in popularity.

We would have forgiven her if she was 25.
I just hope she let us dream a bit longer since she's just 20.

The thing is, she just declared this year that "I've never dated anyone yet".
And her naivety of having such a realistic picture like that taken is just the worst.
She should have never declared that she was a virgin if she allowed a picture like that to be taken in the first place.

>> According to some insiders, those pictures were taken in March this year.
She probably didn't lie depending on when she made that comment.

>> Uh, oh. That's a boo-boo on her part.

Honestly though, it's easier to date someone like Okamoto.
The actress would just get hidden in the shadows if the partner's too much of an ikemen.

It's fine even if she has a boyfriend.
No one would even think that a cute girl like her won't have a boyfriend forever.
These angry people are all so mysterious.

She apologized because you guys are angry
>> Right.
If everyone just sent their well wishes then she didn't have to apologize.

Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/08/kasumi-arimura-apologizes-for-her.html#more
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