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7:18 pm - 08/18/2013

Beckii Cruel: Independent Idol Documentary & PV for her latest single "Future Fantasy"

During the day, Rebecca Flint is your average 17 year old girl, Juggling exams with every day life. But when she's home, she's Beckii Cruel - internet and Japanese pop idol. Beckii Cruel: Independent Idol follows a 17 year old Beckii making her first single in Japanese in 3 years. It is directed by Adam Spence and was shot on the Isle of Man in January 2013.

Future Fantasy is an original song written in Japanese by Chelsea Chavis (remember Amerikajinmusume? she was basically a scandalous Beckii Cruel) and Matthew Pablo, arranged, produced and mastered by Sparkles* and recorded by Beckii. It's available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon today, August 18, 2013. Listen for free on Spotify.

documentary pv

bow @ this queen

beckii shades arama and ignores the positivity from fans. typical tbh
mina_chi 19th-Aug-2013 12:10 am (UTC)
First of all...
It's not that I'm jealous or hate her or something. I really hope that some foreign people are able to get famous in Japan with their doings. For example Chris Hard - he is an AMAZING talent and I really hope that his album will sell well.

But... what. is. that.
The singing is really not good. I shouldn't begin to talk about the song itself.. I mean...
I have nothing against Beckii Cruel or something - I said already. I think she has quite a talent for modelling and for fashion stuff. Why not try with this kind of things? But singing...
This is really a insult for true talented musicians. Please ... stop singing. I mean... sing under the shower, that's okay, but please don't try to earn money with this. Singing is not yours.
cecie_lozano 19th-Aug-2013 12:56 am (UTC)
Yeah I thought the same thing I saw her and she has talent for modeling and fashion stuffs, am not trying to be rude but, when she was younger she looked kind of cute but now she's taller she lost that cute thing she had D: …
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