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7:18 pm - 08/18/2013

Beckii Cruel: Independent Idol Documentary & PV for her latest single "Future Fantasy"

During the day, Rebecca Flint is your average 17 year old girl, Juggling exams with every day life. But when she's home, she's Beckii Cruel - internet and Japanese pop idol. Beckii Cruel: Independent Idol follows a 17 year old Beckii making her first single in Japanese in 3 years. It is directed by Adam Spence and was shot on the Isle of Man in January 2013.

Future Fantasy is an original song written in Japanese by Chelsea Chavis (remember Amerikajinmusume? she was basically a scandalous Beckii Cruel) and Matthew Pablo, arranged, produced and mastered by Sparkles* and recorded by Beckii. It's available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon today, August 18, 2013. Listen for free on Spotify.

documentary pv

bow @ this queen

beckii shades arama and ignores the positivity from fans. typical tbh
hyosshi 19th-Aug-2013 05:36 am (UTC)
lol mte

"It's full of people kinda patting themselves on the back and trying to comfort each other in the fact that they're all awful people."
Aww, I didn't know we had this event. I never got comforted.
This is the first impression this girl gave me and she gave me so many reasons to dislike her in this 15 minute video.

I think she's just too normal to be a hit. She doesn't have any stage/star presence plus Japan is a tough place for foreigners. Not to mention that she needs to target other audiences other than just otaku men to be a real sensation.
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