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NYC's Yuma Nakayama got married!!? (TouSpo)→ Jani wotas attack the girl's Twitter account

The actual name of a high school girl was suddenly involved in a marriage fiasco involving a young Johnny's idol. Because of this, Johnny's fans attacked her Twitter account with slanders and complaints.

This is somehow related to the scoop that a "super popular male idol will be getting married", which was revealed by a women's magazine reporter on TV a few days ago. As all eyes shifted their attention to Johnny's big names, TouSpo got hold of a scoop on one of NYC's popular members as he has apparently submitted a marriage certificate last August 10. The partner, Sayaka Amemiya, is a high schooler who is a freelance stage actress. The girl was quick to announce on her blog in the morning of the 17th that "I have never met him, nor even talked to him", denying all allegations contained in the article.

Even still, angry fans bombarded her Twitter account with threats and complaints, which led to her answering each and every tweet with "sorry", "sorry for causing you trouble".
There are also a lot of people who have shown their support to her for doing such a troublesome task.

Jani-otas really are enemies of society

Sounds so troublesome...

The jealousy of these kimo-busu (gross-ugly) is so scaryyyyyyyyyyyy

Jani-otas sure are scary!

Jani-otas are disgusting, but so is Johnny's

These Jani-wotas are really shi+

Even that girl who was shot with Kenichi Okamoto's son had to apologize

But if this is true, there's no reason why she should be blamed.

She must be cute so that's why these Jani-wotas are jealous of her. I pity the girl.

I wonder why the fans of these male talents aim their anger towards the other party. I don't get it.
>> There are also fans of some female talents who direct their anger towards the male partner. I remember people targeting that Alan-someone when Minegishi's scandal broke out.
>> Some male fans of these female talents also go after the guy.
It's just that these Jani-wotas gang up on their targets which makes them stand out.

Even if this is a sudden marriage, there's no way they'd forgive one with a high schooler. I think that even in Johnny's, in the case of a shotgun marriage with a high schooler, they'd probably terminate him from the agency first then let him marry the girl properly once all the brouhaha has died down.

I really don't get why they have to slander and put all the blame on this girl if this was true

If you see these wotas as regular fans, they look insane, but if you view them as followers of some sort of religious following then you'd understand them.

The Jani-otas are all scums, but these countryside showbiz reporters who get to write all they want are more of a pain in the a$$
>> Each time they make false reports, they should all kneel down, bow, and apologize naked

So is this that scandal that's so huge it'll make your hands tremble? So they start bragging about it in a local Kansai TV show then a sports paper comes out with the name...
Now this is the "Massgomi"* at their best. They're going through all this trouble but as the rumors are spread throughout the Internet, their sales don't necessarily increase.

*"Masukomi" or "mass communications" is the Japanese term for mass media. "Masugomi" is a play on this, as "gomi" means "trash" and refers to how their media can really be rubbish at times.


>> Uwaaaa, all the pictures there are as scary as ghost pictures (´・ω・`)
>> She's like a deteriorated version of Risa Niigaki who also doesn't have any aura around her. I seriously want to know why they were led to believe that this is the girl that was married.

These Jani-babas are scary www

I thought Nakayama wasn't popular, but he still has his own share of fans, huh

But these AKB wotas almost never bash the male half of these romantic relationships with their members. On the other hand, these Jani-wotas will go all out on the girl.
>> That's more on the difference between a man and a woman, not necessarily on the difference between Johnny's and AKB.

These fat and ugly Jani-wotas should be the ones to apologize. Use your energy on something more productive.

Stop bullying this pretty girl

>> You fool, cut it out
>> I got nervous there for an instant, I thought it was one of those scary gifs where it would just suddenly scream

So if this report about this Nakayama guy is false, then it would still either be Kusanagi-Oshima or Matsumoto-Inoue, huh

Never mind about making my hand tremble, if it's just between NYC and a stage actress, it won't even make my nose hair tremble.

Sources: http://majide2ch.blogspot.com/2013/08/nycs-yuma-nakayama-got-married-touspo.html#more
Tags: japanese netizens, nyc boys, rumors, twitter

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