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Cast members of 'Sadako 3D 2' attend the pre-screening event

On August 20, the cast of upcoming horror movie "Sadako 3D 2" attended the pre-screening event.

Takimoto Miori revealed that she was not good with horror at all. She commented, "I told my manager in secret that, 'I can't do this. Please ask them to find somebody else if possible,' but it was already decided. So I had to prepare myself before attending the filming. Even during the pre-screening, I had to take my 3D glasses off since I knew when Sadako would come out."

On the other hand, Seto Koji, who also starred in the previous film, talked about a terrifying experience he had. He said, "When I was watching the previous film on DVD, it kept pausing at the same part multiple times. There was also a time somebody blew on my ear when I was watching scary video." However, he said with a smile that, "It was not that scary, but I felt more like 'Yes,' because I could brag about this in front of you guys.

At the event, Tohoshinki, who sing the theme song, also made a surprise appearance. Since Sadako appeared at the event as an assistant MC as well, Changmin seemed to become nervous as he said "I'm scared..." Yunho pleased Sadako by telling her, "You are well-known in Korea as well." Seeing Sadako livening up the event by running right and left on the stage, the director of the movie Hanabusa Tsutomu complained "Horror is supposed to be something mysterious... She thinks she is one of those 'Yuru-Chara' ("loose" mascot characters) or something, and I'm irritated about it (lol)," which brought laughter to the venue.

Yamamoto Yusuke and child actress Hirasawa Kokoro also attended the event.

Sadako 3D 2" is set for release on August 30


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