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Takanori Nishikawa criticizes Reina Tanaka's LoVendoЯ and Hello! Pro, offers advice

T.M.Revolution's Takanori Nishikawa gave harsh words of advice to Reina Tanaka, formerly of Morning Musume, now with LoVendoЯ, when she guested on his show Nishikawa Takanori no Ienomi!! on NicoNico Live Broadcast.

LoVendoЯ is a "twin vocalist-twin guitarist" band consisting of members Reina Tanaka and Marina Okada on vocals, and Yuki Uozumi and Marin Miyazawa on guitars.

Tanaka was part of the unit since its formation in June of 2012 and balanced it with Morning Musume. She officially concentrated on the band after graduating from Morning Musume last May 21. (Related post HERE)

When asked about the reason for the formation of the band, Tanaka answered: "Because Tsunku-san said so".
When Tanaka told Tsunku that she wanted to graduate but still keep on singing, Tsunku offered her the position in the band.

While they were showing a live performance VTR of the band singing Takuro Yoshida's "Kyou made soshite ashita kara", Nishikawa asked:
"Uhmmm... who's the one who decides what kind of music you play?"

When Tanaka said: "The higher-ups of the company", Nishikawa replied: "Aw c'mon, let's do things properly. I don't think this is the type of music people want to hear from LoVendoЯ"

Nishikawa also gave comments to Uozumi who declared that she's a fan of Extreme's guitarist Nuno Bettencourt: "I'm sure you want to play more seriously, like powerful riffs, right?" to which Uozumi replied: "Well... Yes". But Tanaka immediately rebutted: "But things are still good the way they are now, right? We can't go against the decisions made by the agency".

Nishikawa then said to Tanaka:
"No, I don't think so! Why? What's the matter with you?"
Nishikawa said that he thought of her as a person who had strong determination, as she was able to quit Morning Musume so she can focus on the band.

Nishikawa could not understand why Tanaka needs to keep following what her agency says.
He followed up with: "People over 50 are the only ones who would think of turning folk music into rock music. I just thought to myself that no one will dig that sort of thing and was really wondering why your agency is trying to make you do that".

Tanaka answered that she's not just following what her agency tells her to do. "I did that for 10 years and failed, and that's why I'm here now after learning from all my mistakes".

Nishikawa still can't accept this and insisted that they stray away from the path the agency wants them to take: "You should officially look for a bassist and a drummer, and form a real band. I think you guys should honestly consider doing what you think is cool..."

Similar conversations continued throughout the program, and after all the arguments, Tanaka declared with a smile: "Alright! Nishikawa-san will be producing LoVendoЯ!", to which Nishikawa suddenly said: "No, don't go making declarations like that! We still can't get past the boundaries set up by your agency! But yes, if your agency will tell you to go explore possible collaborations with outsiders then..."

Nishikawa-kun's such a nice person.
Even if people know what's wrong, they won't be so blunt as this in normal circumstances.

But Morning Musume's always been forbidden to make their own music, right?
Or maybe they're just empty upstairs.

>> Is that so? Didn't Nucchi make her own lyrics, or should I say plagiarized?
Are they forbidden from composing?

Maybe the biggest problem here is that Tsunku's already grown tired of them LOL

Nishikawa should provide them with a song that each member would like

This is a sound argument by him.
Movie critic Tomohiro Machiyama said that he did recall this band appearing at a concert overseas while talking about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's successful performance which was attended by thousands of fans. He said that the Americans didn't know what was going on with this band who was singing a Takuro Yoshida song and wasn't received well. I guess that's a given, but their agency is horrible for making them go to a match that they know they'd lose.

>> Ah, this one

It's boring.
I really don't know why they're playing this kind of song in this day and age.

Is there a need for Nishikawa to support Tanaka this much?
>> It might become a rumor later on.
But I heard that Tanaka's type is someone like Hiroshi Tachi.
She probably likes reptile-looking guys.

So I tried listening to the song as I was curious how it sounded but it really is horrible.
They didn't even have to perform something like this as a band.

Nishikawa-kun's so passionate

Being rebellious while she was an idol then suddenly starts following orders now that she's shifted to rock... everything about that just sounds so wrong.

He speaks nothing but the truth, no room for rebuttals.

But does Nishikawa even have the talent to produce other artists?

The moment they're given a band name you can't read normally, then you should already know that their music will be shi+e.

They'll be gone before you know it, so just let them do what they want.

I heard that TMR is self-produced nowadays, but what exactly can he do?
The lyrics are still done by Akio Inoue while the music is composed by Daisuke Asakura, right?

>> TMR can now give his opinions on the lyrics and the music.
He almost wasn't able to say anything before doing self-production.

Say something like this directly to Tsunku.
This'll just be a dilemma for these girls.

>> He's just saying, "You girls are being asked to do something so lame", but he's not trying to help them improve or anything.

But this guy also leeched onto Miguel and sang Choushuuriki, but people who saw that would also think, "That isn't what you're supposed to be doing".

It would have been better if they just kept it simple and formed a 4-piece girl punk band with proper songs and attire.
This might be what the higher-ups want, but no one will benefit from a crazy combination like this.

I really don't get what Morning Musume and LoVendoЯ are trying to achieve.
What do they want to do to Japanese music? What kind of music do they want to leave behind?
Do they just want a portion of their fans to appreciate them? Or do their fans even like the music that they're playing?

Nishikawa-kun really isn't holding back

I really wonder why they chose to do folk songs.
Even from the oldies, we have Show-Ya and Princess Princess whom they can look up to as examples of girl bands.


They did cover Princess Princess' Diamond during their Hello! Pro era

UP-front promotion has a bunch of amazing artists under its belt like Alice, Chisato Moritaka, Sharan-Q, and many more from the older generation. Takanori Nishikawa did succeed once Daisuke Asakura produced him, but he wasn't even successful when he was still in a band, so I don't think he's one to speak.
>> But I think the people who think that arranging '60s and '70s folk songs into rock would sell are in the minority LOL

When Tsunku produces things, the outcome just always seem so old, like from the Showa-era.
It feels dirty and unpolished, in a bad way.
Go have Nishikawa make a revolution.

Tanaka once emphasized her own beliefs too much, and it reached the point where she was even about to be terminated from the industry.

The program was fun.
The 2 guitarists were totally in sync with Nishikawa.
This is 100% a failure already.
It's on a level where even their fans would leave them behind.

That guitarist girl was much better than expected,
so she's not from Morning Musume, but from a musical school, huh?

Reina must be panicking a bit


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