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'Braindead' Tomomi Kahala high on METH, completely NUDE... DEBAUCHERY for DRUG ADDICTED Matsuura Max

In the new issue of Shukan Bunshun, a scathing piece has been published bashing Avex's head, Max Matsuura (48). The article reveals the details of his relationship with Ayumi Hamasaki (34) and how he forced her stardom, as well as his alleged antics involving bringing multiple women home for sex, marijuana and cocaine. It also includes information about his actions with Tomomi Kahala (39), who recently made a comeback, during her dark days, in possibly the most shocking part of the article.

An eye witness gave testimony about his behavior on night at a small private club called Namikimichi in Shibuya which was holding an event full of celebrities of all areas of entertainment and numerous beautiful women dancing to loud music.

The witness, a regular at the club, said, "Tomomi Kahala was completely naked wandering around the dance floor, not even wearing panties. I couldn't believe it but she was totally nude. She was definitely high on some drugs and it was like she was sleepwalking. Her eyes were half shut and her mouth was hanging open."

Her then-lover, Tetsuya Komuro, had recently dumped her, possibly causing her to turn to drugs. This alone would be shocking but Matsuura's behavior after this is even worse. He and Avex vice-president Chiba started taunting her and then pointed at her and proudly announced "I fucked Komuro's girl" so all could hear.

While she recently had been on TV announcing her complete recovery and comeback, it seemed that she's been struggling with an addiction to men and drugs.

"When she was really bad, she would hide on the roof of her apartment tower from her assigned caretakers while cackling like a crazy person," said one source. "She'd get naked without warning, it seems like she has no common sense any more. At first out of curiosity men would flock to her, but she was so strange that the men would have sex with her once and then never contact her again. Finally one everyone abandoned her she had to check in to get help."

The article also reports that Matsuura enjoys marijuana as well as MDMA (ecstasy), supplied by his yakuza connections. Erika Sawajiri, about whom there were also marijuana rumors, said that Matsuura always had drugs prepared, although Avex vehemently denied the accusations. However suspicions about drugs remain strong.

In the 90s, Avex had the top two performers, hitomi and Ayumi Hamasaki, with hitomi being vice president Chiba's lover, and Hamasaki being involved with Matsuura. Since then the company has been walking a fine line between business and pleasure.

Also, the article reveals that Matsuura allegedly had received plastic surgery. Though he seems powerful now, Matsuura is known to be a cowardly man with insecurity complexes, and got a silicone implant to make up for his lack of chin.

From working at a record rental shop to the head of a corporation that last year saw 138 billion yen revenue and 14 billion yen profits, Matsuura has certainly grown into a successful man. But his addiction to sex, drugs and money continue to plague him. And if Kahala really has recovered from drug-fueled public nudity and sex addiction, that really is a miracle.

Source: infoseek
Translation: devilsatin (me)
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