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9:44 pm - 08/23/2013

Jin says his encounter with Meisa was due to fate (Japan's power couple AKAKURO strikes back!)

On the last Fan Event for Jin's new single HEY WHAT'S UP!, held in Osaka on August 22th, Jin Akanishi he took the opportunity to clarify some things regarding his marriage, things he wasn't able to tell publicly during the course of his one and a half year hiatus.

One of those is the confirmation that his marriage with Meisa Kuroki was not a shot gun marriage and that he proposed to her even before they found out that she’s pregnant. He also mentioned that meeting her was a work of fate. The reports also say that he created a song for their baby girl, Theia.

On another note, he added: "My fans are really something. A lot of things have happened, and who knows what will happen in the future... No matter what I will definitely come back. Rest assured, please continue to be a fan of mine with confidence".

A bunch of fans who attended the event said that this is a Jin who is comfortable in his own skin, happy, content, proud of his work, and very happy.

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whyxjennifer 24th-Aug-2013 03:48 pm (UTC)

Josei Jishin also said Meisa dumped Kamui faster than one of his race cars and went out with Jin when he came back to Japan briefly in November then she followed him back to the US some time in November to be with him. And prior to them dating, they were acquaintances for 2 years when Kobayashi (the director of Bandage) tried to arrange for them to collaborate for a single but it didn't happen. And if you look at the video in November by Pacific Rim when Chris Trondsen asked Jin if he has a girlfriend, he was hesitant to answer as if he does have a girlfriend but can't talk about it.
fikusss 24th-Aug-2013 05:22 pm (UTC)
Yea, Mass Media among other things also wrote and said they started dating after thier friend's X-mas party when he got back to Japan in December.

I don't know where you took the information that Jin came back to Japan in November and even more that he started dating her that time. It is not like u r his personal secretary or something. XD Not to mention it is really dumb to jump at a conclusion seeing Jin's hesitation before answering a question in a TV inteview.

I remembered the interview when Jin got back from the USA after cons in 2010. He was asked about collaboration gossip with Meisa Kuroki and Jin answered to this: With who? He even didn't remember who she was. XD

Anyway everyone is free to believe what he wants to believe in. So enjoy ur fairy tale. (~_^)

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whyxjennifer 24th-Aug-2013 05:40 pm (UTC)

you sound like you're convinced that the rumors that you read are true so I have nothing else to say. All I can say is that RUMORS ARE RUMORS. And their marriage is not a fairy tale. I'm sure after 5 years from now and 3 kids later, you still think the same so I have nothing to say.
whyxjennifer 24th-Aug-2013 05:47 pm (UTC)

oh and one more thing you're not his personal secretary either so don't believe in everything you read. Because you bring up a gossip article so I brought up another gossip article from Josei Jishin. THEY'RE ALL RUMORS. period.
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