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Gatchaman live action movie score given by critic Yuichi Maeda: 4/100 wwwwww

Summary of Yuichi Maeda's review
* Praised the '70s anime for the cool characters, stylish highlight scenes, and passionate theme song. He also commended the anime for tackling social issues despite being a children's anime.
* Live action adaptation does not reflect the essence of Gatchaman and felt like a declaration of war towards the original version.
* Gatchaman has a radical ideology, where they would even neglect the lives of 10 million people for the sake of saving a single person.
* 40% of the movie consisted of the hero's childish logics, while the remaining 60% revolved around Gouriki's character JUN's illicit love towards Matsuzaka's character KEN.
* JUN felt like this character who only thinks about how she could score with KEN.
* The movie feels like it's for the audience to enjoy Gouriki's one-man love comedy skits.
* JUN has a terrible character, speaking ill of KEN's late girlfriend and dissing the nice and cool suits that they get to wear.
* Your children who will go watch the movie with you might ask you, "Why are those people just talking about women and aren't even setting out to war?"
* The biggest complaint here is why don't they just trash the internal discord within the group, and go hurry up and save the world.
* The scriptwriting is a mess. There's no end to the criticisms that can be made. The viewers will be left with nothing but questions, and despite all of this, the movie hinted that there will be a sequel.

This made me LOL a bit

It's not Gatchaman, but Gatchamyaaaaan, got it?

So 60% of it is Gouriki? What kind of torture is this...

Japanese movies like this essentially stop once they announce that it will be undergoing production and once they are provided with budget.
Creating the actual movie is like a bonus.

60% is Ms. Gori-oshi? LOL

They probably weren't serious about making this movie from the moment they cast Gouriki in it.

The law of Gouriki

I'm actually concerned about the 4 points he gave. What did he find good in it? No matter how bad a movie may be, people will still say good things like, "The CG was good" or "The music was well done", but 4 points?
>> It's the suits w
>> He did write that they wore nice and cool costumes.

That's why just shut up and watch Pacific Rim.

So it just turned into Gouriki's love comedy, huh.
I'm not from the Gatchaman generation anyway, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the complaints of the fans.

It seems that there's something wrong with the script based on this review.

Please do your best and surpass Devilman w

60% Gouriki? (´・ω・` )

Yatterman was also hard to watch.
This is probably what you get if you let a commoner do the adaptation.

Oh, it's Gouriki-san who makes sure to butcher every original story adaptation she does.

It was actually really good, is there something wrong with me? As an entertainment piece, I think it's above the passing mark.
Rather, just how good of a movie do you guys want? This isn't Da Vinci's code, you know.
Well, there are people who make a living off finding faults in every piece of work. Just don't get influenced too much by people like those.

>> Pffffttt www
Oh my, what do we have here w

>> Can you list the other movies that you liked?
Also include which parts you found interesting.

>> It's not that I'm saying anything about what you like, but don't think that everyone agrees with your taste.
>> Hint: Read it vertically.
(*The first three letters of the 3 sentences read as (すてま)"Sutema" which means "Stealth Marketing". In other words, >>56 is implying that the reviewer is actually giving the movie negative press so that the readers will become more curious about the movie)

But this site "Chou Eiga Hihan" just finds fault in almost everything.

I did feel this was heading towards the wrong direction from the moment I saw the design of the suits.

There's no escaping Ayame Gouriki.

This reviewer has a habit of giving low scores to live action adaptations of anime.
You can add +10 points to the total.

>> So you mean 4/110, huh...

Gouriki: "Well then, maybe I should go and destroy Patlabor next."

>> The god of destruction

>> I'm serious, please stop it already...
>> No thank you.

You'd be better off watching Pacific Rim instead of using JPY 1,800 on this.
It's full of passion! It's got the Japanese anime spirit in it.

I honestly can't remember an old anime that has a character that looks like Gouriki.
What do they keep in mind when doing this?

As expected of Gouriki-san.
She's really consistent when it comes to destroying all these original stories.

The one SMAP did for a commercial once upon a time was much, much cooler.

The helmets and the headset-like objects were uncool.
No, they actually are, but they just didn't look good here.

This article actually made me more interested in watching the movie.

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