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Aiuchi Rina changes her name to Kakiuchi Rika + to produce dog goods

Aiuchi Rina, who retired from the entertainment industry in 2010, has changed her name to Kakiuchi Rika.

Around the time of her retirement, Kakiuchi got her two poodles Pine and Ribbon. When they became ill, she obtained qualifications to become a dog reflexologist, animal protection supervisor, and dog yoga trainer. She studied reflexology, healing techniques, food, and ethology. Then in October of 2012, she started her career as a pet brand producer by establishing the dog brand 'Bon Bon Copine'.

Bon Bon Copine will carry additive-free dog food that include no preservatives, food coloring, or flavoring. It will also carry products like handmade cushions, cafe mats, collars, and leashes. The products will be displayed at the 'Pet Expo 2013' in Osaka from September 21 to the 23rd. There will also be a collaboration with Sanrio to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


I miss her! She was one of the first JPop singers I ever heard. :(
Tags: music/musician

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